2 Eye Creams We Can't Live Without

2 Eye Creams We Can't Live Without

The eyes are a problem area for many, whether you have dark circles, puffiness, or concerns with fine lines and wrinkles, the right under-eye products will awaken the area around your eyes to keep them looking bright and fresh.

We love Cosmedix Opti Crystal and Eye Genius. So, which one is right for you?

Cosmedix Opti Crystal $149

Less is more when it comes to this thick serum. From dark circles to puffiness and fine lines – Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystal replenishes and brightens damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. It provides a moisture barrier to that delicate under eye skin and the most intense deep hydration.

Cosmedix Eye Genius $110

This lightweight creamy serum is ideal for daytime. It contains five different firming peptides and addresses every eye area concern; eliminating the appearance of dark circles, minimising puffiness and increasing elasticity.

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