5 Ways These 2 Products Will Change Your Life

5 Ways These 2 Products Will Change Your Life

The Moisturiser and The Cleansing Pad – name a more iconic duo, we'll wait.

You may already be aware that The Moisturiser and The Cleansing Pad were designed by The Clinic's Co-Directors Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith. But what you may not know is that Kaye and Lisa were treating skin for 15 years before they were designing revolutionary skin products. That’s 15 years of listening to clients complain they 'just wanted a good moisturiser' or 'a cleanser that is easy'. It's no surprise then that The Moisturiser and The Cleansing Pad have achieved cult status with over 100 5 Star reviews between them.

So what exactly is so special about our signature products?

"My skin was quite an issue growing up...I had really bad rosacea and was so self conscious. I starting using the Moisturiser 2 years ago and it has been life changing" - India Benjamin, 21

1. Less is more

The importance of getting the basics right is spoken of religiously at The Clinic. We whittle a skincare regime down to just four simple elements. Cleanse and moisturise morning and night - hence our signature line. Then treat your Individual concerns with a speciality serum or mask for your individual needs. The final step? Protect with a TGA approved SPF, such as our Aspect Sun range. By choosing products with quality, active ingredients, it really can be this simple.

2. A 'good' moisturiser is our most frequent product request

Cleansing and moisturising are the building blocks for an effective skincare routine, and this is actually how The Moisturiser’s story began:

"Everyone would say 'I just want a good moisturiser', that's what people wanted" shares Lisa. "We wanted to create a product that could solve everyone's skin problems". Containing Sea Buckthorn for calming redness and sensitivity, Plant Stem Cells for strengthening collagen, Peptides for firming and Aloe Vera for nourishment, The Moisturiser is an advanced formula that addresses a range of skin types and concerns.

“I use The Moisturiser morning and night, religiously. I’m a mother of two children so anything that’s quick and easy is the best. It just feels so nice on my skin, under my makeup, at night before bed, my skin’s been great since using it” – Katie Kaars, 41.

3. Chamomile Extract changes the cleansing experience entirely

The Cleansing Pads are pre-soaked Micellar pads, enriched with anti-inflammatory Chamomile Extract. The Micellar component draws impurities from the skin, while the Chamomile calms and soothes. A traditional alcohol-based makeup wipe, while cleaning the surface, can leave it feeling tight and dry. The Cleansing Pad, however, will achieve clean skin that also feels smooth and soft to the touch.

"The Cleansing Pad is amazing, it removes all traces of makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It makes night time cleansing so easy, which I just love!" – Renae D.

The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic

4. The implications of paraben and preservative-free are massive

    Both The Cleansing Pad and The Moisturiser are paraben and preservative-free formulas, but what does this mean? It means both products contain only the highest-quality cosmeceutical ingredients. For instance, the crisp and clean scent to The Moisturiser is not a synthetically manufactured perfume or fragrance. It is a combination of Green Tea and Spearmint extract included for potent antioxidant support. Excluding parabens and preservatives allow The Cleansing Pad and The Moisturiser to effortlessly fit in with any existing skincare regime.

    “As a busy mum and now also pregnant, it’s so important to feel that I am using safe products. The Cleansing Pads, so useful, I carry them everywhere. I love them.” – Ana Calle, 33

    5. It isn't just a 'jar' of moisturiser, per se

      Everything from the ingredients to the physical component of The Clinic's signature line has been carefully considered by Kaye and Lisa, their industry knowledge interwoven with input from their nursing background. The Moisturiser is impressively clever in design, using an airless pump to remove the need for dipping fingers in and out of product, promoting sterility.

      The Moisturiser by The Clinic

      Meanwhile, The Cleansing Pads are stored in a durable, airtight, twist top jar for "every day cleansing on the go" explains Kaye. They are perfect for transitioning from bathroom to work to gym bag and an essential for long-haul flights.

      The Cleansing Pad by The Clinic

      If your skin (or life) is in need of some change, purchase our signature products together and save! RRP $148, now $135 plus free shipping. You're welcome.

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