An Expert Guide To Pigmentation

An Expert Guide To Pigmentation

"What causes pigmentation?"
"How do I get rid of my pigmentation?"
"What is the best treatment for pigmentation?"

These can be upsetting yet familiar questions if you do struggle with pigmentation. At The Clinic, we have been effectively treating pigmentation for over 20 years. Rather than scrolling hopelessly through 148 million Google results, read on for an abridged guide to pigmentation.

The Cause

Pigmentation occurs when cells produce irregular levels of melanin (the substance that colours skin, hair and eyes), resulting in the uneven colouring of the skin. "It's multi-faceted" says Leah Cindric, Registered Nurse. "Sun exposure, ethnicity, hormonal imbalances and genetics can all cause pigmentation”. During an initial consultation at The Clinic, our registered nurses assess individual factors for all clients and structure a tailored treatment plan accordingly.

The Products That Actually Help

Much like your wardrobe, it's critical to know that your skincare routine should change with the seasons. Products containing active ingredients, and treatments that use lights or laser can lead to sun sensitivity. It's during Winter your routine can make the best use of these, launching a solid offensive against pigmentation.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (also referred to as Retinol, Retinal Complex) stimulates the production of skin cells. By increasing cell turnover, Vitamin A "lifts" away signs of damage. This brightens the discolouration caused by pigmentation.

Our Vitamin A product of choice is Serum 16 ($136) by Cosmedix. With LG-Retinex as the active ingredient, Serum 16 is suitable for all forms of hyperpigmentation, melasma or sun-damaged skin. Serum 16 also boosts hydration, making it the perfect choice for the colder months.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant in the human skin, as well as one of the most potent. As an antioxidant, it can neutralise the harmful damage to the skin, caused by factors such as sun exposure. In-clinic, we have several options for allowing your product usage to be individually tailored.

Active C by Aspect Dr ($129.80): Our best-selling Active C contains 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, a potent, oil-soluble Vitamin C. The soothing and calming formulation reduces irritation for red, and sensitive skin types.

Société Triple C ($189): 12 antioxidants, 5 peptides, 3 vitamins and 7 DNA repair enzymes place Triple C as the most advanced Vitamin C blend on the market. This revolutionary formula results in pigmentation regulation, UV-protection and combats the signs of ageing.

Pure C by Cosmedix ($80): These mixing crystals contain 100% pure L-Ascorbic Acid. Pure C can be mixed with a serum or moisturiser to detoxify and brighten the skin, for a versatile and completely customisable product.

Pigment Inhibitor

Pigment inhibitors work to block enzymes that produce melanin, preventing the initial formation of pigmentation from occurring. Tyrosinase is the primary enzyme responsible for the conversion to melanin.

Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix ($107) contains a strong tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent this damaging reaction, visibly brightening the skin.

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant


The photo-damage that occurs from the sun is a frontrunner for contributors to pigmentation, which makes choosing the right sunscreen a decision of paramount importance. The new Aspect Sun range combines broad spectrum SPF 50 protection with a unique blend of antioxidants. Designed in Australia to withstand our harsh climate, Aspect Sun products protect against and treat pigmentation simultaneously.
Hydrating Face ($59): a hydrating blend for dry or ageing skins.

CC Cream ($59): contains a universal tint, providing light coverage for everyday wear.

Envirostat Face ($36): best for the great outdoors. Water resistant, non-comedogenic and an instant dry finish.

Aspect Sun | The Clinic Online Skin Care Store

The Treatments Worth Investing In

For stubborn pigmentation, products often just aren't enough. At The Clinic, we offer a range of treatment modalities to address your pigmentation concerns. Our registered nurses will work with you to devise a custom treatment plan that suits your needs and budget.

IPL Rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL has been a part of The Clinic treatment repertoire for over 20 years – because it works. IPL uses a beam of different wavelengths of light physically break down pigmented cells, improving redness, pigmentation and sun-damage. Clients can notice a visible difference within their skin as rapidly as two weeks following treatment.

"I've been so happy with my results following IPL. I don't really feel the need to wear my matte makeup as often now with my skin being so much clearer." - Kate, 34.

IPL Rejuvenation Before and After | The Clinic Bondi Junction

SkinPen (Medical Micro-Needling)

Using fine micro-needles to puncture the skin (not as terrifying as it sounds), existing skin tissue is broken down, inducing the skin's repair process. This cycle of the breakdown of existing tissue and subsequent remodelling of collagen provides a refinement of pigment and scarring, as well as overall facial rejuvenation. SkinPen is uniquely suitable for those with dark skin tones and a popular modality at The Clinic.

"It's much more predictable in result for darker skin types and with a lower risk of complications, it is beneficial for sensitive skins as well" - Chantal Child, Registered Nurse.

SkinPen Medical MicroNeedling Treatment Sydney - The Clinic Bondi Junction

Fraxel Laser Therapy

Fraxel is our most effective method of evening out skin tone, addressing superficial pigmentation as a result of sun exposure, acne scarring and overall rejuvenation. We use a dual laser which delivers two separate wavelengths, targeting different depths of the skin, stimulating collagen remodelling from the outside in.

"I was amazed at how clear my skin was. I've never seen my face look so clear, ever. I would do it again in a heartbeat." - Erin, 29.

Fraxel Laser Therapy | The Clinic Bondi Junction

While pigmentation can feel like your body waging war, between products and treatment, The Clinic has the tools available to help you win the battle. Our registered nurses can construct a unique treatment plan to reverse and prevent pigmentation. Book an initial consultation to put an end to hours of fruitless Googling and become one step closer to solving your pigmentation problems.

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