Brooke Lockett: How The Clinic Enhanced My Skin Routine

Brooke Lockett: How The Clinic Enhanced My Skin Routine

Late in 2018, we were thrilled to welcome acclaimed coryphée with the Australian Ballet, Brooke Lockett into The Clinic:

I had heard about The Clinic through some friends and I had seen some really lovely things on social media and the internet. I think word of mouth or a recommendation from a friend is always the best, so I booked in for a skin consult and their infamous blueberry peel, said Brooke.

Having recently retired from ballet, Brooke was looking to brighten up her skin after years of wearing heavy stage makeup. Regular performances meant Brooke had always been quite vigilant with her skin and beauty regime, but we were able to teach her a little something new:

"I have always been incredibly diligent with my skincare regime - I never go to bed without cleansing and moisturising and likewise in the morning. What I learnt from The Clinic is that as I am getting older, regular facials are a must to keep that glowing youthful skin”.

As well as knowing you’re in expert hands when you attend The Clinic, you can rest assured we will recommend only what you need and promise personalised care.

"I personally love the science behind good skincare and you really feel that element of professionalism at The Clinic. I tried the SkinPen after being recommended it and hadn’t had a treatment like that before. I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew my skin felt very dull and lifeless.

I found my first appointment very informative and loved the warmth of the staff. I was a tad nervous and love how much they put me at ease. I was well prepped on how my skin would recover and the results that were to come”, said Brooke.

Whether you’re interested in attending The Clinic or purchasing from us online, the one thing we will always do is ensure the very best for your skin. Dry, sensitive, oily or combination, we understand skin from within so will work with you to achieve your best skin yet.

“I have noticed that my skin is feeling much more rejuvenated and fresh since starting out with The Clinic, especially after treatments. Healthy, happy glowing skin is all I wish for and The Clinic helps me achieve that”.

Whatever your skin type, there are two essentials for everyone (promise, we’re not biased), which were part of the regime we recommended for Brooke. After working with a range of skin concerns over the past two decades, our Co-Directors Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith created The Moisturiser and The Cleansing Pads as effective and convenient products that were gentle on all skin types.

The rich but gentle Moisturiser is packed full of properties that work for a range of skin types and concerns - Sea Buckthorn reduces redness and is especially good for sensitive skin or those with rosacea; Plant Stem Cells strengthen collagen fibres, ideal for ageing skin; Peptides tighten, firm and improve overall skin tone; and Aloe Vera soothes inflamed or irritated skin.

The beauty of this powerful yet gentle combination is that even if you don’t suffer from any of these concerns, the ingredients simply hydrate, protect and improve overall skin tone; all skins take only what they need from it”, explains Sullivan-Smith.

Every client is different but what we found is that a universal moisturiser combined with more specialist cleansers, serums and in-clinic treatments where possible, achieve the best results,” adds Scott.


As for The Cleansing Pads, you can simply nourish and cleanse with one easy wipe. These pre-soaked micellar pads can be used instead of or as well as your usual daily cleanser.

I love the no fuss in The Clinic products. The Cleansing Pads are perfect for when I travel. They truly are a must have item for every women on the go."


To find out more about what The Clinic can achieve for your skin, head online, request an appointment or call us to chat about your 2019 skin goals.

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