Celebrating 20 Years of The Clinic

Celebrating 20 Years of The Clinic

They say more than sixty per-cent of businesses fail in the first three years in Australia, so celebrating two decades in business is no easy feat. But that’s exactly what we’re doing here at The Clinic this year! 20 years ago, our Co-Directors Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith started what is now known as one of Sydney’s premium and best loved non-surgical skincare clinics. What started as a laser hair removal clinic in a small two-room space in Bondi Junction quickly grew to be a leader in non-surgical treatments and the team, specialists in skincare.

“We opened The Clinic just as the anti-ageing phenomenon was kicking off. We wanted to create an environment that combined both the clinical and cosmeceutical industries, all while delivering the highest quality customer service,” said Lisa.

“We started with laser treatments, added skincare six months later and then IPL and injectables 18 months after that,” adds Kaye.

“What excites me about our business today is that our customer has become far more educated and is making our industry accountable. As a result, we’re all working to improve products (such as sunscreen), and to keep ahead of trends and technologies with the safest and most effective treatments. It’s about looking the best in your skin at your current age, not necessarily wanting to look dramatically younger”.

Over the years, The Clinic has been first to market with many modalities, including our most recent addition, the Thermage FLX. We are one of the first clinics in Australia to introduce the new Thermage FLX Machine which combats the signs of ageing, loose or sagging skin on the face, tummy or thighs.⁣ The improvements are immediately visible and continue to improve after the treatment as your body goes through its natural collagen rebuilding process. With no downtime, we are so thrilled to bring the best in technology and skincare to our clients. 

“Keeping up with changes, industry standards and the ever changing technological advances has been one of the biggest challenges in our business over the years,” says Kaye.

“But it’s also what makes us most proud, because we continue to bring the very best and we never stop learning and evolving”.

When asked about their most memorable moments over the past 20 years, both Kaye and Lisa cited the launch of The Moisturiser and The Cleansing Pads as one of the best. And it’s no surprise, really - The Clinic’s signature products were designed and developed after treating skin concerns first hand over many years and The Moisturiser alone has since attracted more than 80 five-star reviews online. What Kaye and Lisa realised was that clients don’t want to continually try and change skin regimes, they want convenience, value, quality and above all else, something that actually works.


“We launched The Moisturiser in 2014 and we truly believe it is second to none,” says Lisa.

“It’s a universal day and night moisturiser free of parabens and preservatives. It is a hydrating and nourishing formula that easily absorbs into the skin and works back with any serum and cleanser for more specific concerns”.

“We expanded into our own line of skincare because our clients wanted easy, obtainable products that were clinical, clean and luxurious. It started with The Moisturiser and then we learnt that people wanted a simplified routine that they didn’t have to think too much about, so we introduced The Cleansing Pads in 2017. We wanted something simple and effective - we experienced many clients using inferior products full of parabens and preservatives that simply made our job in clinic more difficult!” adds Kaye.

The Cleansing Pads are a practical, quick, easy option in support of your daily cleanser or instead of. The pre-soaked micellar pads nourish and cleanse in one wipe and are perfect for pre and post gym, travel, a quick pick me up, a pre-cleanse before a shower or used as a daily cleanser. Plus, they don’t dry out your skin like typical cleansing wipes.

When asked to which they credit their success, Kaye and Lisa were quick to mention their staff: “…some have been with us from the very beginning and most stay with us for many years,” says Lisa.

“Our staff are our best assets - and they’re our brand. We know we couldn’t have done this on our own so we needed to surround ourselves with people who had the same vision, expertise and passion”, says Kaye.

“We’ve also kept ahead of trends, introduced new treatments, launched an online skincare store and have evolved with the changing industry demands”, she adds.

The online store started with a small selection of cosmeceuticals that replicated what was offered in clinic. However, over the past two years, The Clinic Online Store has grown significantly with customers nationwide heading online to purchase from an expert team with expert advice.

“Many people are confused about which products to use and we wanted to provide them with expert advice, even if they couldn’t make it in clinic or didn’t live within the area. We stock a variety of brands and remain unbiased and professional. We also offer Face Time consults as we believe great skincare and advice should be available to everyone, despite your geographical location,” says Kaye.

In clinic, healthy, glowing, youthful skin is really having its moment so treatments that offer little to no downtime and instant glowing skin, such as our popular Blueberry Peels, HydraFacials and Thermage are all very popular.

“Non-invasive skin tightening treatments are also popular at The Clinic. We find a lot of clients like Ultraformer for its undereye option but The Clinic difference is that we customise all treatments to the individual... Often they come in for one particular treatment but we elevate the results by personalising it to their needs”, explains Lisa.

Next for The Clinic is the development of a new product for the signature line and bringing our clients the next best thing in our industry. One thing that will always stay the same is the very best in professionalism, service and a passionate commitment to achieving the best results.

Here’s to 20 years in business and all that’s to come.

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