How To Face Mask So You Never Have To Visit A Clinic Again

How To Face Mask So You Never Have To Visit A Clinic Again

Few things feel more luxurious than taking thirty minutes to indulge in the art of self-care at the end of a long week. One of the most popular ways to do so is the humble face mask, after all, me-time and a brighter, more radiant complexion? Yes, please. 

The categories of face mask seemingly do go on forever, but we have the expert answers to maximise the results of your mask and mimic that in-clinic result at home (yes, it's possible).  

Cosmedix Detox Charcoal Mask - The Clinic

Firstly, it's important to note; not all face masks are created equally. For example, the viral peel-away blackhead mask. We love a satisfying blackhead extraction, but these masks can leave your skin, a delicate organ, worse off, by subjecting it to unnecessary trauma. Our masks are gently rinsed away rather than peeled, a key difference for your skin, explains registered nurse, Chantal Child:

"Washing and not peeling away ensures the skin is not stripped. When you strip the skin, you disturb the natural balance, and the skin goes into overdrive to compensate, producing even more sebum."

An effective face mask will also contain active ingredients to correct and improve the skin. We stock masks that are clinically proven, medical-grade cosmeceuticals and it may surprise you, these products can still cost less than big brand masks made of gold. Browse our range of face masks here.

Instead of Microdermabrasion

Exfoliate and brighten with Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask ($88).

Bamboo granules gently polish the skin, revealing a radiant complexion, while Niacinamide and Vitamin C provide antioxidant protection. 

"Added this to my routine, and it truly does make you glow. It smells great and is so easy to apply. I have to stop myself from applying it every night. I even caught the hubby using it." - Erin C

Cosmedix Glow Mask - The Clinic    Cosmedix Glow Mask - The Clinic

Instead of LED Light Treatment

Soothe and rejuvenate with a Societe Rejuvenating Sheet Mask ($35). 

Instantly nourishes the skin, and firming with plumping peptides. Highly recommended for calming rosacea, redness or sensitivity. An excellent option for a hydration boost, or the night before a special event.  

"I used the Societe Sheet Mask the night before my wedding. It was so nourishing and my redness was completely gone after 30 minutes. It is that good. Incredible!" - Zoe R

Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Sheet Mask
Now also available as a firming eye mask! Reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines instantly with the new Societe Eye Peptide Gel Mask ($20). Plus, for the month of September, purchase any two face masks and receive the Societe Eye Mask for free.
Societe Eye Peptide Gel Mask - The Clinic

Instead of a Chemical Peel with Extractions

Decongest and purify with Cosmedix Pure Enzymes ($84) layered with Cosmedix Detox Charcoal Mask ($88).

The secret to genuinely decongesting the skin is to first remove the dead skin cells on the surface, to facilitate better penetration of active ingredients that will draw out impurities.

Starting with Pure Enzymes to prepare the skin; gentle fruit acids and potent antioxidants enzymatically exfoliate surface cells, tingling as you prepare a clean slate for the net step. Wait 20 minutes, then layer Cosmedix Detox over the top, the activated charcoal acts as a magnet for impurities and cleanses clogged pores. This 'multi-masking' procedure is a favourite of Lisa Sullivan-Smith, The Clinic Co-Director:

"When you wash it away, it feels like an in-house treatment. You feel squeaky clean."

Cosmedix Detox Charcoal Mask - The Clinic

If you need help to find the right face mask for your skin, try our free online skin consultation or book a FaceTime consult to speak with our registered nurses. They will assess your skin via video call and prescribe the correct products for your unique concerns. 

Of course, if you'd rather not face mask yourself three times a week or need a more advanced regime, our friendly staff at The Clinic are just a phone call away. Call us on 02 9386 1533 to book an appointment.

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