How To Treat Winter Skin Woes

How To Treat Winter Skin Woes

As the temperature drops, cold winds, central heating and low humidity can all contribute to drying the skin out leaving it vulnerable to itchiness and an allover lack-lustre appearance. However, you might find it interesting to know that dry skin is mostly caused by a build-up of dead skin cells rather than the climate itself.

"Dehydrated skin is a common complaint from our clients throughout Winter, and while the climate can contribute to this, the main cause is due to epidermal build up. We firstly need to remove the epidermal layer so all of the nutrients from products can penetrate effectively" - Lisa Sullivan-Smith, Co-Director, The Clinic.

"The epidermal layer has dead skin cells and when this builds up, it creates a barrier meaning products cannot penetrate the skin. To combat Winter skin, we recommend booking in for exfoliating and rejuvenating treatments such as our Blueberry Peel or Fraxel – and always recommend an at home skin regime to support".

For Exfoliation

Aspect Cellablation Exfoliating Scrub $59: Gently exfoliates dead skin cells away leaving the skin healthy and glowing. Contains the Kakadu Plum - an Australian native fruit known for its high antioxidant content, including Vitamin C, assisting in reversing free radical damage.  

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Mask $80: Effectively removes facial impurities, rendering the skin smooth, revitalised and radiant. It may be used on all skin types including those with sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dry, scaly or flaky skin and to treat excess build up.

For Hydration

Cosmedix Purity Solution Cleansing Oil $57: A nourishing blend of natural oil and extracts that deeply cleans and purifies without stripping your skin of vital moisture.

Societe Pure Everyday Cleanser $69: A gentle, antioxidant-rich daily cleanser, Societe Pure Everyday Cleanser maintains the skin's natural moisture levels while removing skin impurities, dirt and oil.

"During the cooler months, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is a beneficial ingredient. Well known in remedial skin care for its rejuvenating powers, Sea Buckthorn provides calming and healing benefits".

Sea Buckthorn

Products rich in Sea Buckthorn include:

The Moisturiser $80: A rich, yet gentle formula designed by our Co-Directors Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith, The Moisturiser can be used on all skin types and is particularly good for sensitive, dry or ageing skins.

Aspect Dr Redless Serum $99: Brilliant for alleviating dry and stressed skins, this serum is essential to any skincare regime. From red and sensitive skin through to mild irritation in the cooler months, Aspect Dr Redless will help to calm and soothe.

"When I’m in a hurry – which is every day – I simply do half a pump of The Moisturiser, half a pump of Redless, moisturise it all over my face and off I go" - Lisa Sullivan-Smith, Co-Director, The Clinic.

To find out which products are right for you, book in for a FaceTime Skin Consultation.