How To: Treat Wrinkles At Home

How To: Treat Wrinkles At Home

Staying at home and can't get to your usual injectable appointment? Whilst there is no serum, moisturiser or snake venom that magically makes wrinkles disappear, there are products that effectively increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen, stimulate hyaluronic and deeply hydrate the skin for a smother, firmer, more radiant complexion. Here we take you through the best products to combat ageing from home.

Why do wrinkles form?

We cannot critique any anti-wrinkle product without first understanding how the ageing process, and wrinkles, work. The most important thing to recognise is that both intrinsic and extrinsic factors are at play. Cosmetic Injections generally target the intrinsic factors, but by understanding and treating the extrinsic factors, alternate anti-ageing products can be just as effective. As our Co-Director Lisa Sullivan-Smith states:

"At The Clinic we take a total face approach. Gone are the days of chasing a wrinkle, good skin is just as important".

Lisa Sullivan Smith - Cor-Director The Clinic

There are four key intrinsic factors that play into ageing:

1. Bones
Bones are the structure of the face, and quite literally give our faces shape. As we age, bones start to atrophy, or waste away, we lose the definition of bone, therefore losing the structural support of the face and skin.
2. Fat Pads
It's a common myth that those who hold more fat in their faces age better! We are all susceptible to the loss and descending of fat pads,which is known as facial volume loss. Facial volume loss is seen in all three portions of the face: upper (e.g. hollowed temples), middle (e.g. nasolabial folds) and lower (e.g. jowling).
3. Muscles
Muscles are the cause of our wrinkles! Humans are expressive; using facial muscles to smile, frown and look surprised, this repetitive movement continuously moves our skin and inevitably deepens the lines that are formed during expression. As expressive lines worsen, static (resting) lines also deepen. The three main areas we notice these lines are: frown lines (Glabella), horizontal lines on the forehead (Frontalis) and the lines around our eyes (Crows feet).
4. Skin
As we age, production of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin decreases. These are the proteins that keep our skin tight, supple, plump and hydrated, resulting in a loss of elasticity and skin becomes thinner. Thinner skin is more susceptible to lining and 'creasing'.

Cosmetic Injections are common treatments to combat these intrinsic factors of ageing. For example, Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used to directly reverse a wrinkle in the forehead, whilst Dermal Fillers can effectively restore volume loss to the cheek bones.

Looking now at the three key extrinsic factors that play into ageing, these are the factors we can control in our environment:

1. Prolonged UV Exposure
UV exposure is prevalent for all Australians and can result in increased production of abnormal Elastin and abnormal Glycosaminoglycan (sugar molecules). What does this mean for ageing? Think thickened, orange-peel looking skin.
2. Smoking
Cigarettes have high levels of carbon monoxide, which depletes the oxygen in the skin, reducing blood flow and leaving the skin looking dull and discoloured. Smoking also diminishes Vitamin C in the skin which reduces the ability for the skin to protect and repair itself.
3. Exposure to Irritants and Pollutants
Without going into too much biological detail, irritants and pollutants produce free radicals, unstable atoms that disrupt the functioning of our skin cells at a molecular level. This is known as 'free radical damage'.

Extrinsic ageing factors affect the quality of the skin and it's this part of the ageing process we can effectively treat from home using medical grade, cosmeceutical products. Lisa's anti-ageing skin care formula is quite simple:

"Good quality Vitamin C, Retinol, Exfoliation and of course sunscreen. This is something we can all do from home!"

How Can Products Help?

'Cosmeceutical' products contain active ingredients in higher concentrations. When applied topically to the skin, active ingredients penetrate more deeply and are clinically proven to produce better results that over the counter ‘Cosmetics’. 

Some common ingredients found in Cosmeceuticals that prevent, manage and target signs of ageing include;

Peptides - the building blocks for creating Collagen and Elastin, to keep skin firm.
Antioxidants, including Vitamin C - minimise inflammation, maintain the cellular integrity of the skin, fight free radical damage and protect against UVA and UVB rays.
Hyaluronic Acid - a sugar found naturally in our skin that holds 1000 times its weight in water to keep skin hydrated and plump.
Retinol - powerhouse anti-ageing ingredient to increase cellular turnover, improving skin tone and texture.

Especially when looking to treat lines and wrinkles, medical grade Cosmeceuticals are imperative to create real change in the skin. A product bought from a beauty shop may state it contains Peptides and Hyaluronic, however it does not compare to the quality and quantity of that same ingredient within a Cosmeceutical product. You can find more information on the difference between Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetics in this previous blog post.

Which Products Are Worth Investing In?

"As a medical cosmetic clinic rather than a beauty shop, we have access to stronger formulations and are seeing fantastic results, almost as good as Injectables themselves, from the new SkinBetter Science range" says Sullivan-Smith.

The SkinBetter Science range has taken out several awards for their skin science and incredible results, namely in anti-ageing. The range covers everything from cleanser, moisturisers and transformative serums.

SkinBetter Science InterFuse Intensive Treatment LINES $169

The ultimate line smoothing and skin plumping product. This patented delivery technology drives an incredible four different types of Hyaluronic Acid faster to the skin, to topically fill the appearance of expression lines. It is a non-needle approach to deliver a high-quality HA solution, that improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth, crows feet and forehead lines. InterFuse Lines also boasts a collagen-nourishing complex to support and strengthen pre-existing collagen, as well as stimulate new collagen growth. 

Also available as SkinBetter Science Interfuse Treatment Cream EYES $135

Worried about your eye area, dark circles or fine lines? Utilising neuro-calming Peptides this product legitimately relaxes the appearance of lines around the eyes within four weeks. Containing Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant to brighten the skin, and with the aid of Caffeine to relieve the look of under eye puffiness. This eye cream has it all.

SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum FACE $195

Containing over 19 different Antioxidants, this serum provides the most comprehensive cellular defence available in the skin care industry. Using this serum each morning is going to dramatically improve the tone of the skin, as well as strengthen the skin. Antioxidants quite literally fight off radicals and protect Collagen, to keep the skin tight and firm.

Retinol is the gold standard anti-ageing ingredient however also the most complex and known to cause irritation. This is due to the way Retinol is created, stabilised and delivered. SkinBetter Science have a patented Retinol delivery system known as AlphaRet that combines Retinol with Lactic Acid, Antioxidants and moisturiser to decrease irritation and maximise results. What are you achieving by using AlphaRet? Increased cell turn over and production of new skin cells, namely the production of Collagen, significantly improving the appearance of lines and creating a more even skin tone.

AlphaRet is available as an Overnight Cream $142.50 or in this revolutionary Peel Pad form $162.

SkinBetter Science Exfoliating Peels Pads (30 pack) are not your typical, buy-at-the-beauty-shop peel pads. Utilising award-winning Retinol complex, they are also rich in Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids, a triple threat when it comes to deep exfoliation. These pads are the closest you will come to an in-clinic peel from home. 

SkinBetter Science is available by consultation only. If you’re interested to be prescribed these advanced formulations, book a Video Consultation with our Registered Nurses. Consults are free and only take 20 minutes. 

$10 Voucher