Marisa's Acne Journey

Marisa's Acne Journey

At the age of 12, Marisa Tyras developed such severe acne that she was recommended a course of Roaccutane. While clearing up her skin, Roaccutane left her with red, irritable, dry and cracked skin, which affected both her personal and social life. The years of suffering from acne also left Marisa with deep scarring which affected her confidence and general approach to day to day life.

“I wouldn’t ever post a photo on Instagram without a filter, I wouldn’t go on a date without wearing makeup, it really made me conscious,” explains Marisa.

After being on Roaccutane for three years and finally clearing her skin of acne, Marisa thought her skin journey was coming to an end. But the reality was much different.

“Due to my severe and deep acne, I was left with very visible and painful scarring, predominantly on my cheeks and forehead. It was at this time that I started visiting The Clinic”.

Having been a client of The Clinic for the past four years now, Marisa couldn’t be happier or more confident in her skin:

“After having a series of Fraxel and peels, my scarring has pretty much gone. I feel confident and happy in my skin and as a teacher; I tell the young girls that I work with, that everything is fixable. And I am proof of that!”

Marisa's Acne Journey - The Clinic Bondi Junction

“My skin care journey has, at best of times, been hard and uneasy. Developing acne at such a young age played a pivotal role on my self-esteem, confidence and anxiety. It affected my social and personal life but I have now come to realise that acne should not define you. It is a part of most people’s lives, you should love the skin that you are in but know that it is treatable”.

The journey to clear, smooth, flawless skin is not a quick fix, it can take weeks or even months to resolve and as Marisa explains: “It is a journey which you must be patient on and keep calm. At The Clinic, my acne scarring was not treated as a trivial problem. They understood my frustrations and anxieties about my skin and treated me accordingly”.

The Clinic Co-Directors Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith and their expert team have vast knowledge in the repairing of skin as well as how best to support the more intense prescription medications for acne, such as Roaccutane.

“My skin care regime has been dynamic and flexible. It has changed depending on the needs of my skin,” says Marisa.

“During my severe acne days, I used very passive and non abrasive products such as Benefit Clean by Cosmedix and Redless by Aspect Dr. The overall aim was to clean the skin without irritating my pimples as well as alleviating my dry skin.
Marisa's Acne Journey - The Clinic Bondi Junction
However, after Roaccutane, my aim was to maintain my clear skin and prevent any future breakouts. So, I began introducing my skin to other products such as the Purity Detox, X-Cell and Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm by Cosmedix.
Kaye, Lisa and their wonderful staff have provided me with practical and thoughtful skincare advice and treatments over the years. Their advice is true and honest and without them I really do not know what my skin would be like today”.

If you’re looking for a solution to support your acne journey or to rejuvenate acne-scarring, contact the expert team at The Clinic today.

Marisa's Acne Journey - The Clinic Bondi Junction