Pigmentation? Sun Damage? Here's How To Combat It

Pigmentation? Sun Damage? Here's How To Combat It

"What brings you in to see us today? Just looking at your skin, I can see..." 

The above is more than likely, following a warm greeting, the first words a new client at The Clinic will hear from co-director Kaye Scott. Perceptive and to the point, Kaye during an initial consultation, can instantly make clients feel at ease with her impressive clinical knowledge, a result of over 20-years in the industry.  

Kate (34) sought out The Clinic based on her own research on social media, as well as word of mouth recommendation. Kate’s main areas of concern were pigmentation, as well as hormonal acne, with some scarring. Upon Kate’s initial consultation with Kaye a plan incorporating both in-house treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light Rejuvenation (IPL) and a brand new at-home product regime was implemented. 

Within the fortnight, Kate had already received her first of what would be a thorough course of retinol-based (Vitamin A) Timeless Peels. These Peels were to be supplemented by Kate’s new, simple, three-step product regime. 

  1. A gentle cleanser, Benefit Clean ($72)
  2. The Clinic’s signature, The Moisturiser ($88)
  3. At night, her specialty serum, X-Cell ($136), containing the Vitamin A complex that would both prepare her skin for, and maintain it between Timeless Peels 

The real hero of Kate’s plan, however, would be IPL Rejuvenation. A vital factor of this treatment was the timing of Kate’s visit. Commencing treatment in March, the transition from the inescapable summer sun to the colder months of autumn would prove an essential component of implementing IPL in her treatment plan. 

IPL uses a beam of different wavelengths of light. This light is absorbed by targeted skin cells, breaking them down. This process provides rejuvenation and improves redness, pigmentation and sun-damage. As a result, if the skin targeted is tanned (fake or otherwise), the treatment is ineffectual. If tanned, all cells will absorb the wavelength, and adverse reactions can occur. These adverse reactions can also happen post-treatment if vigilance with SPF is not maintained during sun exposure. 

During the summer in Australia, these factors can be challenging to avoid, and therefore, IPL’s time of vogue is instead now – perfect for Kate. 

Kate received her first Intense Pulsed Light Rejuvenation (IPL) treatment on the 15th of March, 2019. Kaye completed the treatment at a mid to high-range level to target Kate’s problematic areas of pigmentation. The level of treatment is a combination of factors assessed by our registered nurses: the extent of pigmentation, skin tone (per the Fitzpatrick Scale) and an ongoing assessment of how the skin responds during treatment. An IPL session is roughly 30 minutes in duration for the full face. Initially, a cooling gel is applied to the area to be treated, and you will be given protective eyewear to prevent eye damage from the light used. As the IPL hand-piece is moved over the skin, a sensation likened to a rubber band snap may be felt, and following treatment, the skin may feel hot for up to one hour.   

Kate, upon completing her treatment, received specific after-care instructions to achieve the best outcome, these included: 

  • Using a minimum of SPF 30 daily, as well as avoiding direct exposure to sun or UV light
  • To stop using her X-Cell (Vitamin A) serum for at least 5-days following her treatment. This precautionary measure is due to IPL, essentially, compromising the barrier of the skin. To apply a potent retinoid too soon after can overstimulate the surface and risks an adverse outcome.  

Kate also received a generalised timeline of what she could expect, following her IPL treatment. Post-treatment, the areas of pigmentation are likely to darken. Pigmentation will gradually begin to slough (fall) away. A visible reduction in the pigmentation will occur around two weeks following treatment, around the time Kate returned to The Clinic for a review, and second Timeless Peel. 


The result achieved after only one treatment was phenomenal. A highly visible reduction in pigmentation, resulting in clarity of complexion that Kate herself was ecstatic about: 

“I’ve been so happy with my results following IPL. I don’t really feel the need to wear my matte makeup as often now with my skin being so much clearer. 

Such a fantastic result with IPL is assisted by the colder months providing that helping hand to avoid prolonged sun exposure. This is the inspiration behind our May Special at The Clinic: Full Face Intense Pulse Light Rejuvenation (IPL) for $350, reduced from $450. IPL is an effective treatment for freckles, sun spots, sun damage, redness, broken capillaries, and stubborn melasma post-pregnancy. In addition to areas of pigmentation, IPL can also treat acne and breakouts, with the light destroying bacteria and calming inflammation. As with all our treatments, we highly recommend a consultation with one of our registered nurses before commencing treatment if you have never undergone IPL before. This consultation will individually tailor treatments to your skin, exactly how Kaye created Kate’s treatment plan. 

“The team are lovely – the procedure was fast and pretty much painless. I’m so glad I finally made the decision to go to The Clinic – the results have been incredible.” 

Kate herself has already received a second Intense Pulse Light Rejuvenation (IPL) treatment amongst her regular Timeless Peels. The combination of in-clinic treatment and her at home regime proving highly effective. Our IPL Special is available until the end of May, however, if prepaid, the special is valid for six months. 

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