THERMAGE: One Treatment - No Downtime - Younger Face - Yes Please! | Not So Mumsy

"The last 6 years have been a sleepless blur of pregnancy and babies, so when I read that Thermage tones and tightens similar to pilates and is safe during breastfeeding, I was like Sign. Me. Up."

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The A-List Secret To Never Ageing Skin | 9 Style

Thermage is the revolutionary anti-ageing skin treatment behind Oprah's and Gwyneth's smooth complexions. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Thermage.

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Skin Treatments To Make You Look Younger | Oz Beauty Expert

"What if I told you to ignore all the fancy creams with claims of a miracle cure for ageing! Here is my list of the best treatments which will get you real results for your particular skin concern."

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My Guide to IPL Skin Rejuvenation | The Beauty Vine

"I would rather spend my hard earned money on further IPL treatments than any notoriously expensive face cream. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending The Clinic if you are considering any non-surgical treatments."

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Anti-Ageing Trends Of 2017 | Rescu

Forget seeing a clairvoyant, here is your definitive guide on the latest sneak-ments and procedures you need to know for beautiful skin at any age.

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Secrets to Looking Younger // Oz Beauty Expert

“I spoke to my skin specialist Kaye Scott from The Clinic, Bondi Junction to give you a list of the best treatments which will get you real results for your particular concern.”
– Bonnie Gillies, Oz Beauty Expert

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Fraxel laser for smooth skin // BODY AND SOUL

Body and Soul Magazine takes a look at Fraxel laser for smooth skin and how this new procedure distinguishes itself from humble beauty salon alternatives.

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