Check out one of our most recent brides- long term client Kira Casey who just recently tied the knot.  We followed Kira’s journey over the past 3 months including her treatment plan & regime up until her big day which is featured in our Bridal Skin Ready


Terry Biviano Experiences Ultraformer Needling

Glamorous media identity Terry Biviano was excited to try Ultraformer Needling for its skin tightening and collagen boosting benefits.

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Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

This month our Registered Nurse Leah managed to sneak in a little treatment for herself - our new Mini Fraxel. Read on to discover exactly what she thought, felt and looked like every step of the way.

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What To Expect (From Your Skin) When You're Expecting

During pregnancy we don't always expect the changes that happen to our skin. The Clinic Nurse Chantal shares her own pregnancy journey, outlining what you can really expect from pregnancy skin.

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How To: Healthy Summer Skin

Long days, warm nights, sweat, sunscreen pimples and overnight pigmentation... If there are two things you do for your skin this Summer, keep it 1) Clean and 2) Protected.

Summer Skin

Celebrating 20 Years of The Clinic

This month we're celebrating 20 years in business at The Clinic, so Kaye and Lisa sat down to chat about their successes so far...

20 Years

Expert Advice, Personalised Peels

At The Clinic, we are all about customising treatments to your specific needs. Find out about our newest treatment combinations and add-ons for greater results.

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How To: Red-Carpet Ready Skin

While there’s plenty of beauty inspo around ahead of red-carpet season, have you noticed the one thing these trending looks have in common? A great base. From in clinic treatments to specialised skincare regimes, our expert team has you covered.

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I Tried a HydraFacial, and My Skin Will Never Be the Same Again | Byrdie

Did you know that a HydraFacial is performed somewhere in the world every 15 seconds? Find out how this medical grade skin resurfacing treatment clears pores in just 30 minutes.

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Tips For Glowing Summer Skin

There's nothing like a quality beauty treatment to get you feeling summer-ready. From a good skincare regime to an anti-ageing skin tightening treatment that reveals fresh and revitalised skin, we talk you through three of the best treatments to try before summer arrives.

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How This Beauty Blogger Keeps Clear Skin During The Silly Season | Body & Soul

"It's that time of year we do all the things that make our skin look lacklustre. Here are my tried and tested treatments to help with skin radiance, texture and firmness." - Bonnie Gillies, Oz Beauty Expert

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A Genius New Way To Remove Blackheads | WHIMN

The HydraFacial (think: suction-powered hydration facial), is a resurfacing treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, clears blocked pores and delivers hydrating serums.

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