Pigmentation 101 part 3 & 4: Sun Damage Pigmentation & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

In Part 3 & 4 of The Pigmentation series we will be exploring Sun Damanger Pigmentation & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation


Pigmentation 101 part 1

Please join us for Part One where we discuss the types of Pigmentation including Melasma, Sun Damage and Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation following trauma to the skin. ie Acne Scarring


What is IPL and why you need to be booking in your session this March

Most of us in our early 30’s have sun damage, pigmentation or skin discoloration. At home skincare has its limitations. Concealer is just a band aid.


Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

This month our Registered Nurse Leah managed to sneak in a little treatment for herself - our new Mini Fraxel. Read on to discover exactly what she thought, felt and looked like every step of the way.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Treating Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the unfortunate downside to our beautiful Australian beach lifestyle. Here we explore all things pigmentation, including our best treatments and products to treat it. 

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Pigmentation? Sun Damage? Here's How To Combat It

IPL is your one-stop treatment to repair and rejuvenate sun damaged skin.

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Acne at any age can be a contributor to low self esteem and confidence. Here, we demystify adult acne and talk you through ways to both treat it and overcome it.

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How to get *that* bridal glow

How does a wedding planner achieve *that* bridal glow? When it came to her own wedding, Georgie knew exactly what she wanted.... from the dress to the florals to her skin!

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All About The Arms

Rejuvenation doesn’t stop at the face. Many of our clients tell us that they ‘hate their arms’. At The Clinic, we specifically select and offer modalities that work for the entire body.

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I Tried IPL For The First Time - Here's What Happened | Zanita Studio

Susan Hang visited us for a Blueberry Peel and IPL to cure her hormonal breakouts. "My skin is noticeably brighter, clearer, more even, and softer! I just feel like I’ve regained the youthful glow".

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How To Combat Pigmentation | Oz Beauty Expert

Pigmentation can be difficult and frustrating to manage. Exfoliation and rejuvenation treatments plus adequate sun protection are key to keeping blotchy skin at bay

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My Guide to IPL Skin Rejuvenation | The Beauty Vine

"I would rather spend my hard earned money on further IPL treatments than any notoriously expensive face cream. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending The Clinic if you are considering any non-surgical treatments."

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Bride-to-be and Fashion Blogger, Karissa Sparke shares her journey from troubled teenager skin to a flawless bridal complexion... No makeup skills or magical highlighter necessary.

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Pip Edwards // Beauticate

Fashion designer Pip Edwards talks beauty, fashion and fitness, and how she maintains her skin with regular IPL and Blueberry Peels.

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Winter Skin Secrets // Nadia Fairfax for Popsugar

Cooler months are the perfect time for skin rejuvenation. How does this style icon keep her skin glowing during Winter?

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