Terry Biviano Experiences Ultraformer Needling

Glamorous media identity Terry Biviano was excited to try Ultraformer Needling for its skin tightening and collagen boosting benefits.

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Laura Dundovic Tries Ultraformer Needling

Model and media identity Laura Dundovic tries our latest collagen boosting treatment, Ultraformer Needling, and takes us along for the journey.

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Influencer Laura Dundovic talks SkinPen

Model, influencer and regular client Laura Dundovic shares her skin journey, including her biggest skin concerns (pigmentation and scarring), and what she thought of her first SkinPen treatment.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Treating Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the unfortunate downside to our beautiful Australian beach lifestyle. Here we explore all things pigmentation, including our best treatments and products to treat it. 

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Acne at any age can be a contributor to low self esteem and confidence. Here, we demystify adult acne and talk you through ways to both treat it and overcome it.

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Brooke Lockett: How The Clinic Enhanced My Skin Routine

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed coryphée with the Australian Ballet, Brooke Lockett to The Clinic: "Healthy, happy, glowing skin is all I wish for and The Clinic helps me achieve that."

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Skin Needling Transformation | The File

Skin Needling won't pay your rent, but it will transform your skin. Skincare evangelist Carly Rogers trials a SkinPen treatment.

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How MicroNeedling Can Improve Your Skin

If you’re looking for a treatment to dramatically improve the tone and texture of your skin, with minimal downtime, then you’ll want to know about our all-new SkinPen Microneedling.

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