The Best Products For Problem Skin

The Best Products For Problem Skin

From pigmentation to acne scarring and bothersome breakouts, we talk to The Clinic Co-Director Kaye Scott to find out the best products to help. 


Some form of pigmentation is almost inevitable for all of us living in the Australian climate, Kaye explains. However whether it’s sun induced, hormonal (Melasma) or genetics, there are ways we can help to improve your skin’s appearance and your confidence! 

The first thing Kaye recommends is to visit a dermatologist or your GP to find out the degree of your pigmentation. If it’s Melasma as an example, which is characterised by patchy, brown discolouration of the skin and is the most complex, treatment and prevention are the most important factors. 

A comprehensive skin assessment will also allow our team to better treat your skin and make recommendations. Often, using a combination of products and treatments ensure better, long lasting results. 

“For those with pigmentation, Defy is a great option for night time as it ensures the epidermal layer is clean and clear. Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix is a gentle yet powerful brightening serum that eliminates dark spots and pigmentation for more evenly-toned and radiant skin and targets existing pigmentation while preventing new problem areas. 

In winter, I recommend X-Cell + which includes Retinol for smoothing and strengthening the skin as well as Lactic to exfoliate; and Tyrosine Inhibitors to assist with scarring”.

And in terms of protection, anyone with any kind of pigmentation should be using an SPF50 sunblock, every single day - even if they’re not spending a huge amount of sun in the direct sunlight outdoors.

Colorescience Even Up is a great every day option. It protects, brightens and treats the skin and can easily be worn on its own, due to its tinted formulation, or under makeup”.


For breakout prone skin, again the first step is a trip to your GP or Dermatologist, recommends Kaye. And then it’s getting the right products with active ingredients.

We generally recommend an oil free moisturiser for those with acne or breakouts. This is because their skin is more prone to oil through the T-Zone and congestion. We recommend Cosmedix Shineless or Aspect Dr Oil Free Moisturiser for these skin types”.

 “Then, it’s all about the serums. Again, I love X-Cell + by Cosmedix,” says Kaye. “Or Define, which is a great option for those with more sensitive skin, as it includes a lower dose of Retinol and for those with Rosacea or extremely sensitive skin, Serum 16 is a good option as it includes Retinol without Lactic so it doesn’t dry out the skin”. 

The difficulty with these particular skin concerns is that they often arise during pregnancy – and Retinol is a definite no-no during this time, explains Kaye. 

In this case, she recommends Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum, with Tyrosine Inhibitors to prevent pigment build up and soothing Canadian Willowherb to calm inflammation and redness caused by breakouts.

Kaye has 20 years clinical experience in treating complex skin concerns. For more information, including a customised product regime that's right for you, book a FaceTime consultation today.

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