Ultraformer Needling


  • Non-invasive skin lifting, tightening and resurfacing
  • Targeting two different depths of skin including the structure and the surface for most effective results
  • Major event preparation - impressive results with minimal downtime



Available exclusively at The Clinic, the Ultraformer Skin Micro-Needling treatment is the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation and re-texturisation.

Ultraformer uses Ultrasound to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, causing heat to stimulate the collagen, resulting in the tightening and firming of skin. We then follow with the SkinPen to re-texturise the top layers of the skin, helping to reduce fine lines, visible pores, pigmentation and scarring.

How does Ultraformer Needling Work?

These two popular treatments focus on different layers of the skin. Combining them offers the benefits of both treatments in one procedure. The Ultraformer treatment works on the deeper structures of the skin to improve collagen, skin firmness and tightness, while SkinPen treats the top layers of the skin to improve skin texture, pigmentation, fine lines and scarring.  

Ultraformer is a revolutionary skin tightening technology with no downtime, using the power of ultrasound (also known as Ultherapy or HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to lift the skin and the deep muscle layer underneath. The Ultraformer uses deep dermal micro-heating and contraction for a multi-layered lifting, tightening and rejuvenation effect. It promotes maximum collagen production resulting in plumper, more youthful skin.

SkinPen is a medical micro-needling (or skin needling) device. Micro-needling is a form of collagen induction therapy, using tiny needles to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response. In this response, new tissue and skin cells are formed, producing significant improvements to the tone and texture of the skin.

What Are The Benefits?
  • Plumper, smoother, more even looking skin
  • Improved skin tightening, wrinkle and pore reduction
  • Skin tone improvement and better contouring of the jowl and cheek lines
  • Stimulates cell multiplication and collagen remodelling
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • The results will continue to improve over 1-4 months
Who is Ultraformer Needling suitable for?

Ultraformer Needling is suitable for most skin types and is ideal for clients aged in their 20s-40s. It is the perfect treatment for someone looking to work on their skin across differing depths for collagen remodelling. 

Ultraformer Needling is ideal for someone looking to amplify their treatment regime from Level 1 peels to Level 2 treatments.

Ultraformer Needling is not suitable for:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding clients 
  • active acne skin 
  • those with a pacemaker or a defibrillator 
What Are The Risks?

Some redness and dry skin may be experienced after Ultraformer Needling. There is also potential for pigmentation if sun safety measures are not taken.

Ultraformer does not affect the outer layers of the skin, so there are minimal side effects or risks. However, due to the different levels of Ultraformer treatment available, side effects may vary. You may experience some mild swelling, tenderness or redness after your procedure, which will subside within 48 hours.

The risks from SkinPen are minimal. On rare occasions, if not performed by trained professionals, infection or bruising may occur. At The Clinic, we employ only doctors and nurses to ensure the highest quality of care.

Note: Ultraformer Needling is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to the ultrasound technology used.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You may choose to have a single treatment, however we recommend having the Ultraformer Needling treatment once a month over a three month period to achieve optimum results.

What Happens During My Treatment?

Firstly, you'll speak to one of our trained nurses about your background and medical history. Your skin will be assessed and the nurse will ensure that the treatment is suitable for you.

We use two different machines/devices to deliver the best results – the Ultraformer and the SkinPen. We begin with a full Ultraformer Hollywood Lift followed by a full face SkinPen treatment. 

The Ultraformer procedure starts with a thorough cleanse of the face followed by the application of a treatment grid. As the Ultraformer device is applied to the skin, warm pulses of ultrasound energy are delivered, causing the deep muscle layer to contract. At the same time, the gentle heat also encourages the healthy, natural process of rejuvenation, stimulating your skin to produce its own fresh new collagen, making skin firmer, brighter, tighter and more elastic.


Immediately after the Ultraformer, the nurse will then move the SkinPen hand-piece around the face, gently stamping the skin to stimulate cell production and skin repair. Unlike other micro-needling treatments, SkinPen does not promote bleeding. Redness is normal, indicating a good result and will subside quickly.



Is It Painful?

As the Ultraformer device touches your skin, you will feel a brief moment of vibration and pin prick heating. What you are feeling during the treatment is actually tiny amounts of concentrated ultrasound energy being deposited below the surface of the skin. Clients have noted some discomfort while the energy is being delivered, but it is temporary and a positive signal that the collagen-building process has been initiated. We rate the pain 4/10, which can be easily managed with over the counter pain relief we recommend you taking 1-2 hours prior your treatment.

You will notice a slightly scratchy feeling on your skin with the SkinPen treatment. We would rate the pain of SkinPen at around 3/10. 

What Can I Expect After My Treatment?

Due to the use of the SkinPen, clients can expect approximately 48 hours of redness followed by ongoing dryness for up to a week. Makeup and sunscreen can be applied 3 days post-treatment. All after care products will be supplied by The Clinic.

After the Ultraformer you will notice immediate tightening of the skin in treated areas, as heat from the ultrasound contracts the network of collagen fibres. This will continue to improve over time resulting in rejuvenation of the skin as the support structure is filled out.

You may notice some redness after your SkinPen, some tingling and the sensation of heat, similar to that of mild sunburn. This will subside within 24-48 hours. The results become evident after a week, with improvement in skin tone and texture. Effects on pigmentation and scarring will continue to improve with every treatment. 

What Precautions Should I Take Pre And Post?

Preparation for the Ultraformer Needling treatment will depend on the individual client and skin concerns. Some clients may begin their skin preparation on Pigment inhibitors in order to minimise worsening pigment.

We recommend clients avoid injectables treatments for four weeks prior to an Ultraformer and for four weeks afterwards.

We advise clients to avoid sun exposure where possible for two weeks after the SkinPen. After care products should be used as recommended and no makeup worn for three days post-treatment.

There are no special requirements for Ultraformer. You can exercise and bathe as usual after your treatment.

After a SkinPen treatment you should avoid the following for at least 24 hours:

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Consumption of alcohol

It is also recommended to avoid the following for two weeks:

  • Extended exposure to sun or UV light
  • Extended exposure to heat or freezing temperatures

Exposure to any of the above may cause temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching on the treatment area. If you have swelling you can apply an ice pack for a brief period to help with discomfort.

We always recommend the use of sunscreen to prevent sun damage to the skin. Sunscreen with SPF 30 or above should be used from three days after your treatment. If you are under the sun for prolonged periods of time, sunscreen needs to be reapplied at least once every two hours.


Whilst we have seen amazing results from this treatment, please know that results vary and we cannot make guarantees. We recommend coming and speaking to our registered nurses for an in-depth consultation. They will discuss in detail how the treatment works, whether it will be right for your skin type and the expected results in line with your skin goals.

Sound like the perfect treatment?