The Perfect Topical & Ingestible Pairs

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Our recently launched Wellness suite of products includes ingestible collagen supplements, probiotics, prebiotics, and highly concentrated health elixirs to support your daily skincare regime and complement your topical treatments.

At The Clinic, we believe that great skin starts from within. By pairing well loved topical formulas with proven ingestible beauty ingredients, you can achieve a healthy, glowing complexion from the inside out.

The Beauty Chef

glow inner beauty essential 150g


Scott + Sullivan

the moisturiser 50g



probiotic mask



affirm 30ml


The Beauty Chef

collagen inner beauty boost - 500ml



reboot 30ml


Aspect Dr

lanazyme micro peel


PCA Skin

collagen hydrator 1.7oz


The Beauty Chef

adaptogen inner beauty boost 500ml


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