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Ah, Summer. Long days, warm nights and holiday vibes. However as the humidity creeps to 70%, for many this means sweat, sunscreen pimples and overnight pigmentation. If there are two things you do for your skin this Summer, keep it 1) Clean and 2) Protected.

This Summer, we're offering a Clean and Protect Special: Two powerhouse treatments (HydraFacial and Ultraformer) with a Cleanser and Sunscreen for $800.

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Did you know we have a treatment that literally sucks out blackheads?

HydraFacial Treatment - The Clinic

Known as a 'medi-cleanse', the HydraFacial Treatment ($250) is the most effective way to achieve cleaner, clearer, more radiant skin in just 30 minutes. Read More

At home, its as simple as cleansing; properly and religiously. 

Cleansing - The Clinic

Cleansing properly means choosing an effective cleanser with quality ingredients that suits your skin type. A cleanser too strong may strip the skin whilst a cleanser not strong enough won't adequately remove debris.

Every individual's skin has different needs, and we have a variety of cleansers to suit. If you need help choosing the right cleanser, book a Video Consult with our registered nurses.

Cleansing religiously means every morning and night and double cleansing when needed. The first cleanse removes products and impurities from the day (i.e. makeup, sunscreen, urban pollution), the second step can then cleanse the skin itself. Learn more about how and why to double cleanse in our previous blog post.

Protect collagen from the inside out

Ultraformer Treatment - The Clinic

While we focus a lot on protecting the skin from the outside during Summer, we cannot forget about what's going on in the deeper layers. Our Ultraformer Treatment promotes collagen production from the inside out to combat the signs of ageing. Read More

Not all sunscreens are created greasy and sticky!

Aspect Sun Range - The Clinic

It goes without saying that broad spectrum SPF 50 is mandatory to protect against photodamage, not just in Summer but all year round. Anything over a UV rating of 3 warrants sun protection and the only month Sydney dips below a UV 3 is June! 

We also recommend pausing Retinol products during Summer as they can make you sun sensitive and opting instead for a Pigment Inhibitor. Read More

Best Summer Products

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