Testimonials — The Clinic


Nikki Phillips

Presenter and Blogger // By Nikki Phillips

"I've never been happier with my skin and owe it all to The Clinic. My skin is healthy, rejuvenated, glowing and my rosacea is minimal due to frequent IPL treatments. Since first visiting The Clinic over a year ago, I’m now on a skincare routine that suits my fast paced work schedule. The Clinic Moisturiser and Cosmedix cleanser are now my "go to” beauty products  after seeing impressive results since using. Highly recommend the friendly team at The Clinic, not only do I love seeing their friendly faces and having a good ole' chin wag, my skin has never felt or looked better. Happy skin means happy me."

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Nadia Fairfax

Blogger and Influencer // The Fairfax Journal

"The Clinic is my skincare go-to. Kaye and Lisa have taught me the importance of less is more and also how much your skin benefits from regular treatments and a consistent regime. A combination of IPL, The Moisturiser and a straightforward skin routine has changed my overall skin tone and I couldn't recommend The Clinic any higher!" 

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Pip Edwards

CoFounder // P.E Nation

 "The Clinic keeps me looking (and feeling) refreshed, healthy and confident. Lisa and Kaye taught me that simple is better and I noticed a huge change in my skin after switching to their recommended products. The Clinic is my go to for laser, IPL and blueberry peels and also Thermage when my skin really needs that extra glow. I couldn't live without Lisa and Kaye!!"

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Justine Cullen

Editor in Chief // ELLE Australia

“The Clinic is my go-to for every possible skin issue I’ve ever had – I’ve been going there for about 14 years. Lisa and Kaye to always know about the latest treatments (and to use them judiciously) and their straight-talking and considered approach to skincare makes me trust them implicitly. It’s old-school to say it, but anyone who’s anyone in Sydney goes there – they really are the best in their field.”

Leah Simmons

Fitness Guru and Model // Body by Leah Simmons

“As someone who has very temperamental skin there is no one I trust more than the team at The Clinic. Their knowledge-base, professional staff and technologically advanced treatments ensure that I always have the best experience. Their products are amazing and the only ones I use now. My skin is glowing, radiant and has never felt better.”

Emma Chow

Radio Host, Personality and Writer // EmmaChow.Com

"The Clinic has been a wealth of information and support since I started seeing them earlier this year. My skin was angry and inflamed, so the nurses and doctors put me on a combination of blueberry peels and a simple skin routine that is slowly but surely clearing the infection out. I love that they don't believe in putting you on strong meds unless every other gentler option has been explored. I highly recommend Scott & Sullivan's Moisturiser - it's like liquid gold!"

Cassey Miller

Bride Whisperer // BUF Girls

"I can't live without my regular blueberry peels! They keep my skin feeling and looking young and fresh!!! The ladies at The Clinic are all so amazing and knowledgeable and give you exactly what you need without overselling."

Aisha McKinnon

Blogger and Creative Director // Boy by Her

“I have only recently learnt the importance of taking care of my skin and that is all thanks to the amazing staff at The Clinic. Travelling a lot for work can become quite taxing on my skin so I love coming home and popping in to see the smiling faces at The Clinic. I get regular Blueberry Peels and Pelleve which keep my skin looking bright and fresh with no down time so its kinda perfect!! I also use The Clinic Moisturiser and Cosmedix cleanser every day which has had an amazing effect on my skin. Above all the staff here become more like friends which is always a bonus."