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 “I’ve been so happy with my results following IPL. The team are lovely – the procedure was fast and pretty much painless. I’m so glad I finally made the decision to go to The Clinic – the results have been incredible.” - Kate

IPL Treatment Before and After - The Clinic

"What I love about The Clinic is that everyone who works there is either a qualified nurse or doctor and so you know that you're getting the right information" - Lisa W

"I never thought people would compliment me on glowing skin but they do! What I’ve really loved is the Timeless Peel. My skin is less congested, clearer, softer and more even." - Maria J

"AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about Kaye, Lisa and the team at The Clinic. I first started going there years ago to address various skin concerns that I was having at the time. It was the best decision I ever made as they totally transformed my skin and it now looks amazing. Thank you to everyone at The Clinic – my skin wouldn’t be the same without you."
- Renae

"The Clinic saved my skin! I had 3 Fraxel treatments which totally removed scars from acne on my cheeks and jawline. Thanks to their professional service and fabulous treatment, I am now confident and love the skin I'm in."
- Marisa

"Love going to The Clinic! They are always super friendly, and are skin gods! They always take the time to talk to you about your skin concerns and make sure you leave knowing what to do going forward. Highly recommend!!"
- Sarah

"I can highly recommend the Dermal Fillers treatment which has no down time. Lisa Sullivan-Smith is so proficient at this procedure and I felt 100% confident being in such professional hands. She has literally taken years off my age in just 45 minutes. There was no pain and no bruising. I have always been thoroughly satisfied with every anti-ageing treatment I have received at The Clinic which is why I am always recommending them. Using the mid face lifting technique has taken it to the next level. Thank you for winding back the clock in the most subtle of ways."
- Adele R

"HOLY GRAIL OF MOISTURISERS!! 100% the best moisturiser I have ever used. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. I have oily/combination skin and I was hesistant to try the moisturiser as I thought it might be quite heavy. But it’s been perfect for my skin. A must try!"
- Lily B

"GREAT CHOICE FOR MY DRY SKIN. This is a deceptively light weight moisturiser that packs a punch. It glides on beautifully and really feels nourishing. I often get told my skin is dehydrated- it certainly doesn’t feel that way using this each day."
- Kath A

"TRULY THE BEST! This is the best moisturiser I have used in my 38 years. After my pregnancy my skin was all over the shop. I tried so many different products but they just seemed to make it worse. This moisturiser brought my skin back to life. And every day I am looking forward applying it again. It’s thick and creamy and makes my skin super soft and hydrated. I love it!!"
- Bernadette C

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