Face & Body Oils- the secret to achieving healthy radiant skin


With the cold weather and our heaters drying out our skin winter is the perfect time to be introducing an oil based product into your routine. Read on below to find out just why face & body oils are the secret to achieving healthy & radiant skin.


Face oils are packed full of skin loving ingredients, they work to deeply hydrate, enhance skins radiance and nourish dry irritated skin. Face oils provide skin with powerful antioxidants and nourishing vitamins and offer a host of benefits to the skin including:

 -Delivery of essential nutrients 

-Decreasing of inflammation and irritation

 -Hydrate and prevent water loss

 -improve the efficacy of other skincare products

Due to their lipophilic nature (meaning they are attracted to the naturally-occurring oily compounds in our skin, lipids), face oils are absorbed into the skin quickly, plumping and keeping skin moisturised effectively. 


Here at The Clinic we have a number of oil-based products including face oils, cleansing oils and multi-purpose oils (oils that can be used throughout multiple areas over the body). 

Oil Cleansers 

Oil Cleansers are an absolute must when it comes to double cleansing. Cleansing oils don’t just nourish and moisturise the skin they also work as solvents- meaning they dissolve similar substances like excess sebum in the skin and are excellent at breaking down makeup and heavier SPF products. 

Multi-Purpose Oils 

We love a multi-purpose product here at The Clinic, and during Winter there is nothing better than a multi-purpose oil. Multi-Purpose oils can pretty much be used all to provide skin with that extra dose of hydration while locking in long-lasting moisture- along with the face you can also use these oils, over the body, dry elbows and knees, cuticles and your hair. 


The Oil Cleanser

Incorporate an oil cleanser into your daily double cleansing routine: 

1) Apply cleansing oil all over dry face

 2) Massage into face for approximately 60 seconds 

3) Rinse face with water 

4) Follow up with a water-based cleanser massaging into face for approximately 60 seconds 

5) Rinse face with water and pat dry

 6)Apply chosen serums

 7) Apply chosen moisturiser 

The Face Oil 

Incorporate an everyday face oil into your daily routine: 

1) Cleanse with chosen cleanser

 2) Apply chosen Serums 

3) Apply Face Oil 

4) Apply Moisturiser 

The Multi-Purpose Oil 

As mentioned above multi-purpose oils can be used a number of different ways- we've highlighted the main ways and how you can use them: 

As a body oil:

Apply oil to body directly after showering, oils will work better when your skin is wet (since it helps lock in that water).

On your nail Cuticles:

Apply small drops of the oil to each nail and massage into each cuticle. 

As a hair oil:

Apply about 1-2 tablespoons of oil (depending on your hair length) and massage it into the dryer ends of your hair. Leave the oil in for at least 20 minutes or tie up and leave in for the whole day before washing the hair. 

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