Our Editorial Policies


Effective as of 18 July 2023
At The Clinic, we are committed to providing our valued customers with reliable, accurate, and trustworthy information about skincare. To ensure transparency and maintain the highest standards of content creation, we have outlined our editorial policies and guidelines below.

Expertise and Credibility:
Our content is developed by a team of skincare professionals, dermatologists, and experts in the field. We prioritize evidence-based information and draw from reputable sources to deliver accurate and up-to-date skincare advice and recommendations.

Content Creation Process:
Our content creation process involves thorough research, fact-checking, and verification of information from trusted sources. We strive for originality and take great care to attribute external sources appropriately.

Disclosure and Transparency:
We believe in transparency and want our audience to be aware of any potential conflicts of interest. If we receive compensation for featuring specific products or brands, we will clearly disclose this information within the content.

Editorial Independence:
Our content is created independently, and our editorial team maintains full control over the topics, recommendations, and opinions expressed. We do not allow advertisers or sponsors to influence the integrity of our content.

Quality Control:
We have a rigorous review process in place to ensure the accuracy and quality of our content. Our team carefully edits and fact-checks all articles before publication, and we welcome user feedback to address any concerns or inaccuracies.

User Feedback and Accountability:
We value the opinions and experiences of our users. We encourage you to provide feedback, report any inaccuracies, or suggest topics for future content. Your input helps us improve our offerings and maintain accountability.

Legal Compliance:
We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, including copyright laws and advertising guidelines. We respect intellectual property rights and give proper credit to original sources.

Please note that while we strive to provide accurate and reliable information, skincare recommendations may vary based on individual needs and preferences. We encourage you to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or dermatologist before making any significant changes to your skincare routine.