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Our advanced style medical formulations provide clinic-style results from home

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The Clinic is open for treatments. To book call 02 9386 1533 or book selected treatments online
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The Clinics Signature Blueberry Peel

The Blueberry Antioxidant Peel is The Clinics signature peel for instant rejuvenated, glowing skin.

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Just dropped: Whipd Skin

Ready for a better cleanse? Using innovative textiles to create an eco-positive alternative in your skincare routine, Whipd Skin products provide an effective quick cleanse that no longer requires the use of makeup wipes or cotton pads.

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Medical grade treatments: browse our range of prestigious in clinic treatments: from chemical peels to the very latest in technologies available.

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Then, our skincare

Skincare backed by science: our skincare + wellness ranges are carefully curated to solve skin issues and make you look and feel radiant.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide our clients with curated, clean and medical grade products that address all skin concerns while achieveing results.

Our Founders

Our co-founders Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan, have a clinical background as Registered Nurses. They founded The Clinic over twenty years ago to combine their clinical expertise and passion for skin.

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Our experts share their insider knowledge and tips on everything skincare, wellness and beauty related.

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