4 Rules for Ageing Positively in your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

4 Rules for Ageing Positively in your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

At The Clinic, we’re all about a less is more approach - we want you to look good for you age, not younger or fake. As the largest organ of the body, the quality of the skin is key to ageing positively.

Rule 1. Your skin care regime should evolve over time

Skin cells renew themselves every 28-40 days. The good news? An opportunity to improve the epidermis we present to the world. The bad news? Just like our metabolism, cellular regeneration slows as we age and each decade requires specific, high-quality ingredients to correctly protect the skin.

Our formula for healthy skin is: SPF + Hydration (base layer) + Vitamin C (20s) + Retinol (30s) + Peptides (40s and beyond).

Rule 2. Just like you nourish your body with a healthy diet you must nourish your skin with quality ingredients

We recommend cosmeceutical grade active ingredients for their higher concentrations rather than over the counter beauty products. It's also vital to avoid chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens and preservatives. Think of these as the junk food of skincare. 

If you want to know more, you can Shop by Ingredient on our website.

Rule 3. SPF

Photo-damage from UV is the primary contributor to ageing in our clients. No matter your age, use broad spectrum SPF daily and re-apply frequently (even in Winter).

Aspect Sun CC Cream
For your crucial EVERYDAY sun protection, this provides broad spectrum UV protection with a light tint. Formulated to protect with antioxidants and boost moisture content, the CC Cream provides instant radiance alone or layers under foundation perfectly.

Rule 4. Hydration

Skin that is properly hydrated looks healthier, more supple and has a natural glow. For instant anti-ageing benefits, you need a quality moisturiser that provides long term nourishment. 
The Moisturiser by The Clinic
Our flagship product was created to suit ALL ages and ALL skin types. Thoughtfully formulated with Sea Buckthorn for calming redness and sensitivity, Plant Stem Cells for strengthening collagen, Peptides for firming and Aloe Vera for nourishment, The Moisturiser is an affordable, versatile and essential part of every anti-ageing regime. 

In your 20's

20 skin care routine

Clinic Co-Director and Founder, Kaye Scott will often comment that our younger clients do 'too much' to their skin. For those who don't suffer specific concerns (e.g. cystic acne, rosacea or pigmentation) less is definitely more and the focus is on prevention.

We recommend starting on a simple four-step routine in your 20's:

  • Cleanse and Moisturise morning and night
  • Always use a high quality Sunblock
  • Introduce Vitamin C

With powerful antioxidant properties that assist in the prevention of photo-damage, Vitamin C is the first step in anti-ageing.

Societe Triple C Serum - The Clinic
Yes this product is expensive, but it lasts a long time and is the most advanced Vitamin C formulation available, containing THREE types.  Suitable for all skins, daily use will see maximal results in anti-ageing, UV protection and pigment regulation.
A more versatile alternative is Cosmedix Pure C ($80) in mixing crystal form that can be easily added to your cleanser or moisturiser.

In your 30's

Skin Care in Your 30s - The Clinic

The majority of our clients are in their 30's as this is when the skin starts to change. We frequently hear 'I don't know what it is, but my skin is just...dull'. This shift you cannot quite put your finger on is down to natural age-related changes, as our registered nurse, Chantal Child explains - 

"There are noticeable changes in tone and texture as you experience reduced cell turnover and enter the early stages of collagen and elastin loss."

To address concerns of unevenness, dullness and fine lines, we recommend adding a Retinol, or Vitamin A, to your nightly routine. The powerhouse of anti-ageing, Retinol stimulates cell turnover to 'lift' away signs of damage and brighten the skin.

Retinol is a medical ingredient that comes in many different forms and strengths. If you want expert advice on choosing the right product for your skin, book a FaceTime Consult with our registered nurses. 

Cosmedix Define - The Clinic
An age-defying treatment that pushes the activity of the skin to a very active level of remodelling with Retinol, while triple hydroxy acids gently exfoliate to reveal smoother skin. Cosmedix Define is a nourishing formula, perfect for those starting out on Retinol.

In your 40's and beyond

Skin Care in Your 40s - The Clinic

As we learnt in our 30's, collagen and elastin loss are a natural process the skin goes through. As time goes on and these natural stores are depleted, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced and the skin can feel thin and saggy. To counteract this, we need Peptides. The biological building blocks of the body, Peptides create a boost in collagen to plump and firm the skin.

Societe Intense Firming Complex - The Clinic
A powerful concoction of NINE of the most advanced peptides and antioxidants on the market. Need we say more?! 
We also love Cosmedix Bio-Shape Firming Mask ($88) with a unique 'lifting' technology for long term tightening and smoothing benefits.
If you want expert advice on choosing the right ingredients for your, book a FaceTime Consult with our registered nurses today.


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