Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

Words by Leah Cindric

Working in a cosmetic clinic I get asked all the time by clients and friends which treatments I use to look after my skin, since it always looks so “clear and fabulous’’. Thanks guys! Believe it or not, I am lucky if I manage to get any regular treatments performed. As my fellow Clinic nurses would agree, we are all so busy working on our clients' skin that we tend to forget about ourselves. This month however, I managed to sneak in a little treatment for myself -  our newest Mini Fraxel. Read on to discover exactly what I thought, felt and looked like every step of the way. 

I have always been a less is more kind of gal when it came to skincare, so starting at The Clinic four years ago as a Registered Nurse was so incredibly eye opening. Not only to the world of ageing, acne, and pigmentation, but learning how factors like the sun can age our skin so dramatically. That said, I have always sworn by my simple, but effective skincare product routine. More on that later…


Confession time. As a 29-year-old blonde from Sydney’s sunny Shire, with Croatian olive skin and a European background, I have spent my fair share of time at the beaches. I’ll admit it, I did not always use sunscreen. I know. Outrageous! Sun protection was the first thing that changed once I saw the effects of the sun on our skin, not just in an ageing capacity, but also in the C word sense (Cancer). Having turned 29 this year, I’m not sure whether it’s all the facetime calls and zoom meetings, but I have definitely noticed a change in my skin, and some of the consequences of my bad habits.

As a teenager I suffered from bad acne, trying a variety of antibiotics and eventually ending up on Roaccutane, so I can deeply empathize with our clients who are suffering from the same. My main skin concerns are the uneven texture of my skin, my pigmentation (thanks sunshine), the hormonal breakouts I get around that time of the month, and lastly ageing. You may laugh thinking a 29-year-old is worried about ageing, but is that seriously a surprise?



When my skin is looking dull and thickened, I like to treat myself to a Blueberry Peel for that instant glow. If my skin is feeling congested, my go-to treatment would be a HydraFacial to clear and rehydrate my skin. I’ve also tried IPL in the past and noticed a nice result, and the Ultraformer Hollywood Lift which I absolutely LOVED. This treatment is excellent for collagen stimulation and skin plumping, definitely worth a try.


When I was younger I used to go to bed with a face full of makeup, so much so that my mother would ask me all the time, why do you have panda eyes again? How things have changed! These days I am completely obsessed with cleansing my skin every night, no matter how tired or what time it is. I strongly believe the products we use on our skin each day are almost more important than in clinic treatments as they are your foundation.


My morning regime:

Cosmedix Benefit Clean - An everyday foaming cleanser suited to most skin types and gentle enough to use on dry and sensitive skins.

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus Serum - This powerful brightening serum improves the appearance of melasma and helps prevent pigmentation from developing. A must-have to add to your routine.

PCA Skin Vitamin B3 Brightening Serum - A powerful brightening serum that works to combat the appearance of dark spots, dullness, and redness. 

Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF30 - A lightweight sheer, mineral makeup with a barely-there finish that provides safe, non-irritating sun protection. 

My evening regime:

Cosmedix Purity Clean – This balanced cleanser for normal, combination and oily skins soothes, revitalises and purifies.

DermaQuest Skin Rehydrating Serum - This lightweight Hyaluronic Acid serum provides immediate and intense moisture for all skin types. 

SkinBetter Science Refresh Hydration Boosting Cream - Lightweight with a velvety finish, this soothing moisturiser reduces moisture loss in the skin and supports a healthy skin barrier. 



This month I tried my first ever “Mini Fraxel” treatment at The Clinic. I’ve always loved the Fraxel Dual laser technology. It treats pigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring and skin texture - just to name a few. Plus, our clients are always thrilled with their results.

I looked at my skin recently and thought I need to do something more than my occasional Blueberry Peels, and I want to target my skin’s texture and tone. I decided that once a year I would have a treatment that is more focused and results driven, aiming to be preventative. By treating your skin in your 20s, you will see the results in your 50s - 60s. I wanted to think about my skin at a deeper level, correcting existing damage from the sun and some textural irregularities from my acne days. I thought, why not try Fraxel?



Fraxel is a non-ablative laser which works on our skin in differing depths, depending on what you are wanting to treat. Fraxel creates a wound deep within the layers of the skin, and the skin heals from the bottom right through to the top layer of the skin, the same way a wound naturally heals. Fraxel treatments promoting the shifting of old, dead, pigmented skin cells to reveal smoother, softer, healthier skin.



The “Mini Fraxel” is a new technique we are introducing at The Clinic. It uses the same Fraxel Dual technology as a regular Fraxel, but with the settings tuned to target a more superficial depth of skin. The Mini Fraxel aims to promote cell turnover and speeds up the shift of dead skin cells. It is ideal for a client who wants the ultimate skin pick-me-up with minimal downtime. The Mini Fraxel has 3-5 days downtime, however you can wear make up again by Day 2. The cost is $660 which also makes it more affordable than a regular Fraxel treatment. 


Fraxel is ideal for someone with light sun damage, who feels the texture of their skin is not as smooth as it can be, and for clients who want some collagen stimulation. I would also recommend it for someone who has tried IPL or Skin Needling and wants to take the next step in deeper skin resurfacing.

Fraxel is not suitable for sensitive or red skin types (IPL is great for these instead), hormonal pigmentation such as Melasma (SkinPen is your ideal alternative), and lastly darker Fitzpatrick skin types who risk Hyperpigmentation from the treatment.


I chose to have a Mini Fraxel to help with the texture and the tone of my skin. I wanted something that would target my sun damage and treat my skin at a deeper level. My usual treatments like the Blueberry Peel just work on the surface of the skin, and I was really wanting a treatment that would make my skin feel the best it can be.

I believe it is not just about skin looking tight and wrinkle-free, it’s important to look at our skin holistically. To me healthy skin is bright, glowing, hydrated and even - exactly what I feel I achieved with my Mini Fraxel.


Want to know what a Mini Fraxel treatment is really like? Well I kept a daily skin diary and vlog to show you everything I experienced before, during and after my treatment. Enjoy!

Watch my Mini Fraxel Skin Diary to see every step of my Fraxel experience


Day One:

During the treatment it feels hot and scratchy. Pain factor is a bearable 3-4/10.

Immediately after treatment my skin feels hot and is stinging, similar to a sunburn. I applied the Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Gel mask for 15 minutes to decompress the redness and calm my skin.

By that evening there is no heat at all, my skin is just red.


1 hour after my Mini Fraxel treatment vs 24 hours later


Day Two:

My skin is still slightly red and is starting to darken, as if it were turning brown. I can see faint darker brown dots over areas of darkening pigmentation. My skin is also starting to feel very dry.

Day Three:

There is no redness, but my skin is so dry and feels like sandpaper. The brown dots on my skin are continuing to darken. (I wore mineral make up this day).


Day 2 and 3 after my Mini Fraxel - transitioning from red to brown


Day Four:

My skin starts shedding! It is very dry and starts flaking off. My skin also feels exceptionally tight, like you just want to exfoliate it all off… which you’re not allowed to do!

Day Five:

A considerable amount of the dry and darkened skin has shifted and the new skin feels super smooth and soft. The skin around my hairline and jaw line is still quite dry and a little flaky - nothing a bit of moisturiser can’t fix though!


Day 4 and 5 when my skin started shedding


Day Six:

The peeling is finally all gone. My skin feels so smooth and soft. I start using my hyaluronic serums so my skin doesn’t clog as I’m naturally an oily skin type.

Day Seven:

One week after the treatment and my skin looks so much more even and the texture is way smoother. I don’t feel the need to wear make up, but when I do it glides right on. My skin is looking incredibly clear.


Day 6 and 7 when the peeling stopped and my skin felt super smooth


The verdict:

The overall results of my Mini Fraxel have been exceptionally pleasing and I am very happy with how my skin looks and feels. The pigmentation I had around my eyes and scattered across my lower face has faded considerably. I have even noticed my pores looking smaller and clearer. I’ve been raving about this treatment to my clients all week! Considering the downtime is a tiny 48 hours, this treatment is a must to try.


If you are considering a Mini or regular Fraxel, the winter period is the best time to book in for these resurfacing treatments. Fraxel is perfect for someone who has been having peels for years and is interested in deeper resurfacing that will be beneficial for their skin. The Mini Fraxel is not just suited to clients in their 20s and 30s either, it is suitable for just about anyone. If you have been thinking about getting Fraxel for awhile, August is a great time to get started as we are offering a fantastic special on our regular Fraxel treatments, and introducing the new Mini Fraxel option.

Fraxel Offer* (available August 2020):

  • FACE – WAS $1500, NOW $1000
  • DÉCOLLETAGE – WAS $1500, NOW $1000
  • MINI - $660

 *Post care products are not included with the Fraxel Offer or Mini Fraxel.

To find out more about the Fraxel Laser Treatments you can click here. Or if you’d like to book in for a Fraxel Treatment or Mini Fraxel with one of our Registered Nurses, you can call us on 02 9386 1533 or use this link to request an appointment. For those who can't make it into The Clinic for treatments right now, we are happy to offer a free skin consult via Facetime video call. The Clinic team will provide you with expert advice and tailor a skincare plan with personalised product recommendations to suit your needs.


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