The Power of Mineral Makeup

The Power of Mineral Makeup

What we put on our skin matters- which is why mineral makeup is the new buzz word in beauty.  So what exactly is mineral makeup, and how does it differ from traditional makeup?  Keep scrolling to find out.

When comparing mineral makeup to traditional makeup there are three major differences:

#1 The Ingredients:

Traditional makeup quite often includes known skin irritants such as artificial colours, fragrances, and parabens.  These types of ingredients are what causes skin irritations and breakouts, mineral makeup does not include any of these ingredients therefore minimizing the risk of sensitivity, breakouts, and irritation.  Mineral makeup is composed of earth extracted minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, kaolin clay and mica which are micronized, grounded, or milled to create the cosmetics.

#2 The Skincare Benefits 

Mineral ingredients have amazing skin boosting side effects, these ingredients do not interfere with your skins normal functions allowing it to breathe naturally.  Below we have listed some of the main ingredients and their benefits.


#3 Application and Finish:

Traditional makeup tends to sit in pores creating more of a filler effect, whereas mineral makeup sits on top of the skin and therefore minimizing the risk of irritation which most often happens when ingredients are absorbed by the skin.  Mineral makeup gently adheres to the skin like a veil whilst concealing any problem areas such as rosacea or pigmentation, protects the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF25 and too provides the skin with a luminous flawless appearance.  The application itself is also a lot easier and time efficient.


Aspect one of The Clinics most loved and recognized brands recently launched their mineral makeup range.  The concept behind this range was to give makeup and skincare lovers a makeup routine which could compliment their skincare.  The collection is comprised of 4 core products which work to blend effortlessly to colour correct, diffuse imperfections, provide coverage and leave you with that perfect radiant glow. 

Aspect have too ensured that this range is able to be used post treatment: protecting, assisting in fast recovery, and concealing any redness which may occur post some treatments.  This really is a new gold standard in professional treatment as it allows clients to continue their day as normal without the worry or embarrassment of that post treatment red irritated skin.   We have Zinc Oxide to thank for this- the inorganic compound which protects from UV exposure, promotes skin recovery post treatment and calm and soothe irritated skin.


We've put together a quick and simple skin and makeup routine using the Cleansing Pads by The Clinic, The Moisturiser by The Clinic, the Aspect Minerals Primer, the Aspect Minerals Liquid Foundation and the Aspect Minerals loose powder. This super simple skin and makeup routine leaves the skin looking beautiful and radiant.  




Explore the range here

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