Eye Creams and Serums

Using appropriate eye care products is essential to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin around the eyes. These specialised formulations target the unique concerns of this delicate area, offering potent solutions for combatting signs of ageing, fatigue, and environmental damage. 


The Clinic offers premium quality products you can incorporate into your skincare routine. When you take good care of the skin in your eye area, it will be easier to look youthful, vibrant, and well-rested.


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Why Eye Skin Requires Unique Attention

The skin around the eyes demands distinct care in comparison to other facial skin. The skin surrounding the eyes has thinner layers, possessing fewer oil glands and collagen fibres. Its reduced thickness leaves it more susceptible to UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and harsh skincare products. 


Furthermore, the eye area is particularly vulnerable to fluid retention and puffiness, often caused by factors like inadequate sleep, excessive sodium intake, and genetics. Fluid accumulation can result in under-eye bags and a tired, swollen appearance.


Effective care for the skin around the eyes requires the use of specialised products formulated to address these specific concerns. Eye care products are designed to be gentle, hydrating, and lightweight to cater to the delicate nature of the skin.


Choosing Between Brightening Eye Cream or Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Specialised eye care products, such as brightening eye creams and anti-wrinkle eye creams, offer a range of valuable benefits for the delicate skin around the eyes.


Anti wrinkle eye creams contain active ingredients like retinol and peptides, which stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also provide intense hydration, ensuring the skin remains plump and supple.


On the other hand, brightening eye creams contain ingredients like Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness. They also enhance the skin's radiance, leaving the eye area looking revitalised and refreshed.


Other eye cream variants also exist to address specific concerns. For example, hydrating eye creams combat dryness and alleviate flakiness. Lifting eye creams improve skin firmness and resolve sagging skin issues. As for dark circle correctors, it reduces discolouration and even out the surrounding area’s skin tone.

Choosing Eye Care Products Most Suitable for Your Needs

These professional tips from our registered nurses can help you find the perfect eye care product for your skin:

  • Identify your specific skin issues
  • Determine your overall skin type
  • Check if you are allergic to specific skin care ingredients
  • Opt for eye creams with SPF for daytime use
  • Try new products on a patch of skin and wait for adverse reactions
  • Ask for advice from skincare specialists
  • Apply eye care products consistently and as directed
  • Update your eye care routine according to seasons, age, and lifestyle

Expert-Approved Guide on the Correct Application of Eye Creams

Here are expert tips from our registered nurses to ensure you use eye care products properly and effectively:

  • Step 1: Start by cleansing your face using a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities. Then, apply a clean, soft towel.
  • Step 2: Dispense a pea-sized amount of your chosen eye cream or serum.
  • Step 3: Spread the eye care products with your ring finger as it offers the right amount of  pressure on the face.
  • Step 4: Lightly pat and press the product until it disappears into the skin.
  • Step 5: Extend your application to the undereye area to treat dark circles and puffiness.
  • Step 6: Wait a few seconds or minutes for the product to sink into the skin before applying additional skincare products or makeup. 
  • Step 7: Apply your eye care products as often as the label recommends and stay consistent.

Avoiding Eye Care Pitfalls for Optimum Outcomes

Inappropriate or wrongful usage of eye care products can hinder the effectiveness of an eye care regimen. Actively refrain from making these newbie mistakes:

  • Applying eye creams or serums too close to the eye itself
  • Using an excessive amount of eye care products
  • Rubbing or pulling the skin around the eyes 
  • Skipping or irregularly using eye care products
  • Neglecting sun protection for the eye area
  • Using the same eye care products without considering changes in skin condition and needs

Products We Love and Trust

At The Clinic, we are dedicated to enhancing your skincare journey with a curated selection of premium eye care products tailored to your unique needs. Our extensive range includes specialised formulations like brightening eye creams and anti-wrinkle eye creams, meticulously designed to cater to all skin types.


In addition to our exceptional eye care range, The Clinic offers a diverse selection of skin care kits. We keep the freshest stock of cleansers, moisturisers, serums, face peels, sunscreens, exfoliants, facial masks, body care products, lip care products, and even make up


Reach out to our registered nurses to help create a tailored routine that fits your skin's unique needs.


When should I start using eye care products?

Use eye care products as early as you can. The younger you are, the better your skin responds to eye creams and serums.


How do I choose the correct eye cream for my skin type?

For people with dry skin, opt for a richer, hydrating formula. Those with oily skin may enjoy lightweight, non-comedogenic variants.


Can I use my regular moisturiser as an eye cream?

There may be better options than regular facial moisturisers. Eye cream formulations tend to be gentler, making them more forgiving to the delicate skin around the eyes.

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