Pigment Inhibitors

Pigment Inhibitors help to treat and prevent all forms of hyperpigmentation. Pigment Inhibitors reduce and regulate the production of melanin by inhibiting Tyrosinase - an enzyme responsible for melanin production. We love Pigment Inhibitors all year round in Australia, but particularly in the Summer when sun exposure increases.

Most Pigment Inhibitors are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however please refer to the individual product descriptions and always check with your physician.

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Aspect Dr

complete pigment plus serum 30ml

$165.00 $132.00


affirm 30ml

$135.00 $108.00


simply brilliant 30ml

$115.00 $92.00

Cosmedix Elite

x-cell + 30ml



brightening serum 15ml

$95.00 $76.00


exfol l serum

$89.00 $71.20

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