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Stress is part of everyday life and happens to almost everyone. This past year has been an incredibly stressful year for many of us- things such as COVID-19 and lockdowns have taken their toll both mentally and physically. Many of us notice changes in our skin when we're stressed- from increased dryness, to extra pimples through to extra sensitivity and redness, read on below to find out just what is causing your stressed skin and what you can do about it. 


When we are feeling stressed, it increases inflammation in our skin, causing skin to become hypersensitive and reactive. This can make already present skin concerns such as dryness, tightness and oiliness worse and can aggravate existing skin conditions like dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and acne. Another unfortunate result of stress on skin is premature ageing, as dry, inflamed skin also ages faster. Some of the most popular types of stressed skin we see here at The Clinic include:

 -Dryness and Dullness in the skin

 -Irritated/broken skin barrier 

-Increased sensitivity and reddened skin

 -Oiliness and Breakouts 

-Triggered skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Watch Registered Nurse Paige talk through reddened and sensitive skin- which is one of the most popular stressed skin conditions we see here at The Clinic


Stressed out skin can be caused by a number of both internal and external factors in which an individual is exposed to. Stress also has the ability to exacerbate any existing skin conditions which you’re already dealing with. Some of the main factors which can cause stressed skin include:

 -Emotional stress

 -External Environmental stressors

 -Product inflicted stress 

-Hormonal stress


-Dryness and dullness

in the skin When stressed out skin turns dry, it’s important to clear the canvas of flakes without agitating already sensitive skin. Give your skin a pick me up with the Save Our Skin Kit: The Save Our Skin Kit is designed to help clear and correct your skin, with a curated selection of products that work together to reveal radiant skin. 

-Sensitive and reddened skin

There are several skin conditions which can cause increase sensitivity and redness in the skin, these conditions include psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and skin with impaired barrier resulting in reactive skin. The most common skin disorder we see at The Clinic, particularly post COVID restrictions is dermatitis, most commonly perioral dermatitis. Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory rash that commonly presents as a band like irritation spanning from the nostrils to the chin. This can include redness and irritation for the individual. Correct treatment of this condition is essential to ensure that it is not exacerbated. If you are suffering from sensitive or reddened skin it is important to firstly speak with a professional and get a correct diagnosis before choosing new products. 

Some of our go to products for those with sensitive and reddened skin include: 

-Aspect Dr Redless: This is an everyday essential serum that combats areas of dehydration and aids skin recovery. It combines 21 plant extracts including Sea Buckthorn to deliver protective antioxidant properties. 

-Societe Calming Relief Balm: This balm contains natural plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins which help soothe tender and sensitive skin and also eliminates dryness and flakiness. 

-Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Sheet Mask: These sheet masks are great for reducing the appearance of redness and puffiness. These masks are great for those who have reactions to everything, we suggest popping one in the fridge for an extra calming and soothing effect.

 -Oily & breakout prone

Stres can increase the production of adrenal androgens including the hormone known as Cortisol (known as the stress hormone), which in turn results in your sebaceous glands producing more oil. 

Combat oily and acne prone skin with the following products: 

-Societe Clear Skin Boosting Pads: The powerful formula contains AHAs, BHAs and Antioxidants in a useful jar of 60 pads, helping to improve problem skin, decrease acne and breakouts and minimise oily shine.

-Scott + Sullivan The Peel: The Peel exfoliates your skin to reveal the soft and smooth texture just beneath the surface. Just like the Blueberry Peel, your skin will glow immediately after the treatment and keep that glow in the days that follow.

Aspect Dr Ultra Light Hydration: This moisturiser provides long lasting hydration throughout the day for combination and oily skins. It is important to moisturise even if you have oily skin and with this new formula from Aspect Dr, the delicate balance is achieved using water based hydrators. 

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Calming Relief Balm 57g

Societe Calming Relief Balm helps reduce the appearance of problematic skin conditions, including redness, itching & hyper-sensitivity. Ideal for use to soothe and calm the skin after treatments & laser procedures.


Calming Relief Balm 57g

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Rejuvenating Peptide Sheet Mask (Single)

The Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Masks were originally developed to restore the skin after invasive treatments (they are that effective). We love this sheet mask so much, we recommend them for anytime the skin needs an instant hydration boost! Containing ingredients that are activated...


Rejuvenating Peptide Sheet Mask (Single)

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The Peel 15ml

A gentle yet effective at-home facial exfoliant, that mimics our signature in clinic treatment, the Blueberry Peel. The Peel exfoliates your skin to reveal the soft and smooth texture beneath the surface. Just like the Blueberry Peel, your skin will glow...


The Peel 15ml

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Redless 30ml

Aspect Dr Redless is such a loved serum, it is now available in 30ML size. Brilliant for alleviating dry and stressed skins, Aspect Dr Redless is essential to any skincare regime. Red, sensitive skin sufferers and mild irritation alike will...


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Clear Skin Boosting Pads 71g

The Societe Clear Skin Boosting Pads are a physician inspired pore treatment designed to increase clear skin results for problem skin conditions. The powerful formula contains AHAs, BHAs and Antioxidants in a useful jar of 60 pads, helping to improve...


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