Revive and Rehydrate with These Summer Essentials

Months of sunshine, sunscreen, fake tan and festive cheer can wreak havoc with your skin. Read on for our best tips on how to revive it.

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How To Get Event-Ready Skin At Home

Our best tips & tricks for preparing your skin for a special event from the comfort of home.

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Why We Can’t Live Without Our Cleansing Pads

If there was ever a fan favourite product at The Clinic that suits literally everyone, it’s The Cleansing Pad. Find out all the reasons we love it and more.

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The Clinic Christmas Gift Guide

Explore our best skincare gift ideas to give (and to keep!) this holiday season, from a hydrating face mask for mum to some much-needed skincare for the man in your life.

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Laura Dundovic Tries Ultraformer Needling

Model and media identity Laura Dundovic tries our latest collagen boosting treatment, Ultraformer Needling, and takes us along for the journey.

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Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

This month our Registered Nurse Leah managed to sneak in a little treatment for herself - our new Mini Fraxel. Read on to discover exactly what she thought, felt and looked like every step of the way.

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Our Best At-Home Skincare Kits

All this time spent indoors is a great opportunity to take care of our skin, so we’ve curated a range of at-home skincare kits to treat all different skin types and concerns. 

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Why You Should Definitely Be Using An Eye Cream

Here at The Clinic we are definitely on #TeamEyeCream. Find out all the reasons why we love eye creams, masks and serums, and which product is the right one for you.

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