Double Down On Cleansing

Double Down On Cleansing

What is double cleansing? Washing your face, not once, but twice.

The prospect of double cleansing in addition to our busy, everyday lives can seem overwhelming. The fact remains, rushing through our routine can be as detrimental to our skin as neglecting to thoroughly brush our teeth is for our dental hygiene. Credit for this ritual goes to Ryan Christopher, Global Director of Education for COSMEDIX.

With the handle of @rcskincare on Instagram, Ryan regularly mentions the importance of double cleansing, including a dedicated highlight reel on the subject. Both Kaye and Lisa, The Clinic Co-Directors, support Ryan's passion in this area, and a double cleanse is the protocol for in-house treatments.

For most clients, the procedure would be to double cleanse with Purity Clean ($72). Comprising of many botanical ingredients, Purity Clean also has lactic acid to mildly exfoliate the skin. However, if the skin is reactive, or compromised, Benefit Clean ($72) is implemented, with more calming and nourishing ingredients like Australian sandalwood.

Double cleansing can seem more palatable when it's a registered nurse, not yourself, set with the task of cleansing your face multiple times. Implementing a double cleanse in your at-home routine, can seem like just "another thing", but its importance is far more than that.

I didn't know I had to?

You aren't alone. Many people don't know what double cleansing is, let alone that it is highly recommended.

Why should I?

It's highly irregular for anyone to brave the world completely barefaced. Whatever is applied in the morning (moisturiser, SPF) needs to be removed at the end of the day. This is the domain of the first cleanse. With that task completed, you still need to address the underlying skin issues. The second cleanse steps up to achieve this. Your second cleanse will remove naturally occurring debris (dead skin cells) and assist with deep congestion.

Won’t it damage my skin?

According to our Co-Director, Kaye Scott, "the simple answer is no". More often than not, the problem is the wrong cleanser, rather than the volume applied. Often, clients with hormonal acne are using gel cleansers with strong actives damaging the acid mantel (a component of the skin's natural barrier), thus exacerbating their acne. Dry skin's are often subjected to an active product, whereas they should be using a hydrating product.

If you are using a cleanser that is paraben and preservative free there's little chance of double cleansing damaging the skin.

What should I use?

Base Products: All these products can be used as a double cleanse option, simply by lather, rinse and repeating.  

Usage: 1-2 pumps on a wet face with wet hands, lather and rinse.

Without doubt, Benefit Clean is our most popular cleansing product at The Clinic. Suitable for all skin types, including those pregnant and breastfeeding.

This is suited as an everyday cleanser for combination and oily skins. The exfoliating formula will address blemishes, photo damage and hyperpigmentation.

The gentle, and antioxidant-rich formula is suited for more red or sensitive skin types, quite often seen in our younger clients.

Enter “The Double Cleanse”:

The back-up: The Cleansing Pad ($60) – these pre-soaked micellar pads cleanse the skin of impurities, while the chamomile extract soothes and calms the skin – not drying out the skin like an alcohol-based makeup wipe.

One pad can be used front and back. Use cursorily before a deeper cleanse, or afterwards to attend to certain areas such as the hairline or residual mascara (safe for false lashes).

To atone for skin sins of the weekend: Purity Clean ($72) – for those who don’t regularly use Purity Clean, it works wonders as an exfoliant, safe to use up to three times a week for that deeper congestion that appear after wine o’ clock on Friday.

Use 1-2 pumps following your base cleanser, and follow the same methodology. Alternatively, distribute the product all over and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing for a Sunday-night skin saviour.

To extinguish that smoky eye: Purity Solution ($60) – this blend of natural oils would be used as the FIRST step, in a double cleansing regime. The nourishing formula liquefies makeup and removes environmental debris without stripping the skin.

Best used on a dry face, with dry hands, or a cotton pad. Apply approximately 2 pumps, and gently massage in with circular motions. Rinse away with wet hands.

Whether introduced to the topic for the first time, or thinking of changing your existing double cleanse regime - we can help. The Clinic will be running a 20% off promotion for all cleansers from 12.00pm, 29/05/19 to 5.00pm, 31/05/19 . This promotion is available in-store and online.

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