The Cleansing Pad

Our Best At-Home Skincare Kits

All this time spent indoors is a great opportunity to take care of our skin, so we’ve curated a range of at-home skincare kits to treat all different skin types and concerns. 

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What To Expect (From Your Skin) When You're Expecting

During pregnancy we don't always expect the changes that happen to our skin. The Clinic Nurse Chantal shares her own pregnancy journey, outlining what you can really expect from pregnancy skin.

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Why You Should Definitely Be Using An Eye Cream

Here at The Clinic we are definitely on #TeamEyeCream. Find out all the reasons why we love eye creams, masks and serums, and which product is the right one for you.

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Top Skin Picks Under $100

Before you reach for that $10 supermarket cleanser that will wreak havoc on your skin, check out this skincare edit - clinically proven, multi tasking products, all under $90, to help maintain healthy glowing skin in the long run.

Budget Skin Care

What Exactly Are ‘Cosmeceutical’ Skin Products?

The skin care industry is overloaded, how do you know what is actually good for your skin? We take an in depth look at our top selling products and provide tips to understanding their ingredients.


How Skin Changes in Your 30s + What You Can Do About It

During the 30s is when the ageing process starts, but rest assured, there is a lot you can do about it and it is certainly not all downhill from here. Watch Kasi's (34) story.

30s Skin

5 Ways These 2 Products Will Change Your Life

Did you know that Kaye and Lisa were treating skin for 15 years before they were designing revolutionary skin care? Read on to find out what else makes our signature products worthy of cult praise.

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Double Down On Cleansing

The truth about double cleansing and why it must be a part of your skin regime.


How to Repair and Restore Summer Skin

Now that the weather is starting to cool, your skin will likely be crying out for some TLC. Read on to learn how to repair and restore Summer skin.

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The secret to great skin...

With over 20 years experience, our Co-Directors Kaye and Lisa know skin. Here they share their must have products for healthy, glowing skin.

Skin Secrets

Celebrating 20 Years of The Clinic

This month we're celebrating 20 years in business at The Clinic, so Kaye and Lisa sat down to chat about their successes so far...

20 Years

Brooke Lockett: How The Clinic Enhanced My Skin Routine

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed coryphée with the Australian Ballet, Brooke Lockett to The Clinic: "Healthy, happy, glowing skin is all I wish for and The Clinic helps me achieve that."

Brooke's Story

Christmas Gift Guide: To Mum, With Love

First and foremost on your Christmas list should be your mum, so why not surprise her with the gift of glowing skin!

Gift Guide

Shop & Win! The Clinic Luxury Christmas Giveaway

Spend $200 on products at The Clinic (either in store or online) and go in the draw to win a Luxury Christmas Pack valued at over $1000.

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Spring Clean Your Skin: 3 Benefits of Cleansing

With a change of season, it’s the perfect time for a skincare clean out and upgrade! However many of us don’t know how to clean our skin properly, or which products we should be using.

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