Leah Tries Our New Mini Fraxel

This month our Registered Nurse Leah managed to sneak in a little treatment for herself - our new Mini Fraxel. Read on to discover exactly what she thought, felt and looked like every step of the way.

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Our Best At-Home Skincare Kits

All this time spent indoors is a great opportunity to take care of our skin, so we’ve curated a range of at-home skincare kits to treat all different skin types and concerns. 

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Why You Should Definitely Be Using An Eye Cream

Here at The Clinic we are definitely on #TeamEyeCream. Find out all the reasons why we love eye creams, masks and serums, and which product is the right one for you.

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Influencer Laura Dundovic talks SkinPen

Model, influencer and regular client Laura Dundovic shares her skin journey, including her biggest skin concerns (pigmentation and scarring), and what she thought of her first SkinPen treatment.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Treating Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the unfortunate downside to our beautiful Australian beach lifestyle. Here we explore all things pigmentation, including our best treatments and products to treat it. 

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Reboot and Replenish Tired, Winter Skin

As the days get shorter and we adjust to cooler mornings, it’s time to reassess our Winter skincare. We show you how to beat the dryness and irritation that go hand in hand with the chilly season.

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Choosing the right exfoliant for your skin type

Exfoliation should be an essential part of every skincare routine. So why is the humble face scrub so often overlooked? Discover our best exfoliation tips for your skin type.

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Top Skin Picks Under $100

Before you reach for that $10 supermarket cleanser that will wreak havoc on your skin, check out this skincare edit - clinically proven, multi tasking products, all under $90, to help maintain healthy glowing skin in the long run.

Budget Skin Care

How To: Treat Wrinkles At Home

Can't get to your usual injectable appointment? Whilst there is no snake venom that magically makes wrinkles disappear, these are the best products that actually work to combat ageing from home.

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How Skin Changes In Your 50s + What You Can Do About It

During the 50s, with the hormonal changes of menopause, ageing occurs at a faster rate. We asked Sarah, 58 to share how her skin has changed and her approach to anti-ageing.

50s Skin

How Skin Changes in Your 30s + What You Can Do About It

During the 30s is when the ageing process starts, but rest assured, there is a lot you can do about it and it is certainly not all downhill from here. Watch Kasi's (34) story.

30s Skin

6 things you need to know about Chemical Face Peels

Chemical Peels are our number one treatment for improving skin tone, skin texture, acne, pigmentation and ageing. Here's your questions answered.

Chemical Peels

My husband threatened divorce if I got Injectables, I did it anyway | Body & Soul

Digital editor Alison Izzo risks her marriage for the sake of a wrinkle-free face... And the results are totally worth it. 

Injectables Review

4 Rules for Ageing Positively in your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

We’re all about a less is more approach - we want you to look good for you age, not younger or fake. Read on to learn our 4 rules for ageing positively.

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The Benefits Of Cosmetic Injections

To some, cosmetic injections are commonplace, but to others the concept is scary. Our Co-Director Lisa Sullivan-Smith has been performing injectables for almost two decades, so we asked her to share some details about them.

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