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Celebrating IWD with Four Stellar Women

This IWD, we have chosen four women, all friends of The Clinic, to share with us how they have learnt to take off the mask, rise against adversity and be confident in their own skin. We feel privileged to share their answers to our questions..

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The Power of Mineral Makeup

What we put on our skin matters- which is why mineral makeup is the new buzz word in beauty- introduce mineral makeup as part of your daily skincare regime.

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Terry Biviano Experiences Ultraformer Needling

Glamorous media identity Terry Biviano was excited to try Ultraformer Needling for its skin tightening and collagen boosting benefits.

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The Clinic Christmas Gift Guide

Explore our best skincare gift ideas to give (and to keep!) this holiday season, from a hydrating face mask for mum to some much-needed skincare for the man in your life.

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At Home Peels for Every Skin Type

We have an at-home peel to suit everyone, from the Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads to our best-selling Cosmedix At Home Blueberry Peel.

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Laura Dundovic Tries Ultraformer Needling

Model and media identity Laura Dundovic tries our latest collagen boosting treatment, Ultraformer Needling, and takes us along for the journey.

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Sunscreen: our best anti-ageing secret

Discover why sunscreen is your secret weapon against premature ageing, the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen, and why you should never leave (or stay) home without it.

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Influencer Laura Dundovic talks SkinPen

Model, influencer and regular client Laura Dundovic shares her skin journey, including her biggest skin concerns (pigmentation and scarring), and what she thought of her first SkinPen treatment.

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Wedding Planning and Bridal Skin Guide

This month at The Clinic is all about brides and we’ve teamed up with wedding planners After The Rock to answer all your bridal skincare questions.

Bridal Skin Care

Why The Blueberry Peel Is Still Our Most Effective Treatment

Combining Lactic Acid and Antioxidants our signature Blueberry Peel has been an integral part of our treatment list for 15+ years. So what makes it so special?

Blueberry Peel

Brooke Lockett: How The Clinic Enhanced My Skin Routine

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed coryphée with the Australian Ballet, Brooke Lockett to The Clinic: "Healthy, happy, glowing skin is all I wish for and The Clinic helps me achieve that."

Brooke's Story

How to get *that* bridal glow

How does a wedding planner achieve *that* bridal glow? When it came to her own wedding, Georgie knew exactly what she wanted.... from the dress to the florals to her skin!

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How To: Red-Carpet Ready Skin

While there’s plenty of beauty inspo around ahead of red-carpet season, have you noticed the one thing these trending looks have in common? A great base. From in clinic treatments to specialised skincare regimes, our expert team has you covered.

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The Face Mask Bible with Oz Beauty Expert

Oz Beauty Expert shares her tips for using face masks to achieve a glowing complexion, plus the 3 masks she recommends to treat pigmentation, fine lines, breakouts and dryness.

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Skin Care That Actually Works with Oz Beauty Expert

Products that contain active ingredients rather than fancy packaging or fragrances are the secrets to Bonnie's natural, glowing complexion. These are her top 3.

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